Do you wonder why people actually prefer taking the middle seat on a plane?


You all might be thinking who likes to be crammed between two passengers on either side, anyway? What comes as a surprise is the fact that a few of the passengers actually prefer the middle seat over the one at the window or the isle.

Various people have shared their individual reasons for choosing a middle seat in a flight.

Tim Hibbetts, an airline professional, said that since sitting towards the front was more important for some passengers, they often tend to forgo a window or isle seat, at the back. After all, don’t we know how most people impatiently wait to exit the aircraft the moment it lands?

Some, on the other hand, dislike the isle seat, for chances of being hit by the cart, each time it is dragged along the passage by the air hostess. Whenever a window seat is unavailable, they opt for the one in the middle.

One passenger believes that a middle seat offers the best of both seats. You have easy access to the aisle without getting constantly hit by carts and people. You can also see out the window without straining. Also, most people agree that the middle seat person gets both armrests, so can take full advantage of that.

Besides, some of the airlines are customized in a way that offer more legroom in the middle seat as compared to the other two. And when legroom is a priority, some have said that they don’t mind taking the middle seat.


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