Want a perfect airplane sleep, get to know the secrets here


Getting to sleep and staying asleep on planes can be very difficult for many due to plane noise, cabin conversations and too much light, but there are methods air travellers can employ to get a restful sleep while aloft. Get to some best secrets to perfect airplane sleep.

Secrets for Perfect Airplane Sleep


Get a night flight

perfect airplane sleep

We all know, night time is the best for sleeping and what if a flight beginning at your usual sleeping time. What better than this. To be more at peace, pick either Tuesday or Wednesday as that is when people prefer the least to travel.


Don’t eat too much

Try not to eat a meal within two hours of trying to sleep. Overeating or having fatty foods might make you feel uncomfortable and make it harder to sleep.


Choose your seat wisely

Your seat location could be one of the most important factors in how well or comfortable you can sleep on a plane. Try to get a window seat if possible; it will give you something to lean against and get you out of the way of other folks in your row. You’ll also have some control over the window shade.


Avoid the drinks on flight

Stay hydrated and drink water or even tea but dozing on caffeine or alcohol is just not a good idea when you want to get sleep.


Recline your seat

Everyone has the same idea and seats will tip backward soon into your flight. However, you should always look behind you to make sure the coast is clear before pushing the button to put your seat back. It gives the person behind you a heads up if they have coffee in front of them or have their head down on the tray table.


Wear comfortable clothes

Dressed in a suit or skirt you may look classy, but in the end, you will be more comfortable in your jeans and a light t-shirt. Just make sure whatever you are wearing is comfortable.


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