Lord Hanuman who was born with a face of a monkey to Anjana, an apsara and King Kesari, king of the vanaras. Also known as Maruti, the one with a crooked jaw and also as the son of Wind God – Vayu. Many know him as Lord Shiva’s incarnation. As one of the main characters in Ramayana, he is depicted with extraordinary strength and powers similar to that of the Gods. There are various important life lessons to learn from Hanuman.

Lord Hanuman is one of the most popular deities in Hinduism. He is the ultimate saviour, friend, and a loyal companion. Unlike all other incarnations of Gods who had to renounce the world after they fulfilled their purpose, Lord Hanuman had a special boon. He was gifted with Mrityunjay boon from Lord Shiva himself and therefore, he is immortal.

Life lessons to learn from Hanuman

life lessons to learn from Hanuman

#Stay polite and humble

Gifted with plenty powers, Hanuman could change his avatar from being as small as a mole to being a huge entity who swallowed the sun. And he was never proud or arrogant about his powers. He surrendered himself completely to Lord Ram. Lord Hanuman’s behaviour teaches us to be polite and appreciates all our elders even though any milestones we may have achieved.

#Be a good mentor and a good listener

To be a good mentor, one needs to be a good listener as well. Lord Hanuman was a good mentor as he was a good listener. It was on his advice that Ravana’s younger brother could become a successful king of Lanka. However, Lord Hanuman was also selfless. He never wanted anything for himself and wished the best for the others.

#Turn the impossible to possible

To Lord Hanuman nothing was impossible. He was the gatekeeper to heaven and turned around the impossible to the possible. To seek the same for yourself, chanting the Hanuman Chalisa or even remembering him in your prayers will do wonders in your life.

#Learning to be pure, strong yet humble

The very first stanza of the Hanuman Chalisa, it teaches us to purify our minds by submitting ourselves in the devotion of Lord Ram, who is the 7th incarnation of lord Vishnu. Lord Hanuman who is gifted with supreme powers is very humble and devoted to his Lord. This is a very rare quality in someone who is so powerful. Taking cue from lord Hanuman himself, it is best to remain humble, pure yet of strong mind to ensure whatever we do is right.

#Never give up

Lord Hanuman never feared away from challenges. He even swallow the sun thinking it was a fruit and when he went to visit Ma Sita, he burnt Lanka to the ground. However, he always took responsibilities for his actions and rectified when required. Like lord Hanuman, we need to realize that power and responsibility go hand-in-hand.

#Always help others

Lord Hanuman, the eternal saviour, will always be on your side if we remember him with pure conscience and intentions. He is not arrogant to not lend his support and protection even to the smallest devotee. This teaches us to be always do good for the needy and downtrodden.

#Be spirited

Lord Hanuman was multi-faceted. Having been blessed by various saints and Gods, he even conquered immortality and therefore, could always achieve any feat with ease. Yet, he never stopped learning or trying. This teaches us that we must never stop learning as knowledge has no end, one of the important life lessons from Hanuman. One never knows when their new skill will come to use.

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