Hidden truth about artificial sweeteners/sugar free pills, this may lead to serious illness


In today’s time, people are quite aware of the catering. Today every second person is disturbed with diabetes. Because of which, all people use sugar free tablets in tea, coffee and other sweet things instead of sugar. But it is important to know about the hidden truth about artificial sweeteners.

truth about artificial sweeteners

You do not know that the use of artificial sweeteners increases the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure and heart related diseases. Apart from this, your weight may also increase. This thing came out in a research.

In a research conducted at Manitoba University of Canada, it has been revealed that the use of artificial sweeteners contributes to bad effect to the digestive tract in people’s body. Its use puts negative effects on bacteria present in the intestines, which affects the habit of appetite.

Researchers have said that people use artificial sweetener instead of sugar in order to stay healthy but truth about artificial sweeteners is something else as artificial sweetener is very harmful for us. They do not know that it can be used to invite obesity and various heart diseases.

The people involved in the research say that the amount of things are included in artificial sweeteners which are very harmful and these companies manufacturing these use in a large number of quantities and these includes elements such as aspartame, sucralose and stevia. Which are strictly noo..

Nutritional sweetener causes negative effects on people’s metabolism. Metabolism is a chemical process that is extremely essential to maintain life in organisms.

The study of 37 research conducted on nearly four lakh people for a period of 10 years to know the long-term effects of artificial sweeteners showed that the use of artificial sweetener does not result in reduction of body weight but by using them for long periods of weight And the risk of obesity increases. As well as using thse lead to diseases like heart disease, high blood pressure and sugar disorder.


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