Top Wheat Producing States In India – States With Highest Production Of Wheat As Of 2016-17

Do you know which Indian state best in the rundown of Highest Wheat creation starting at 2016-17? Here is the positioning of top wheat producing states in India.

One of the staple grain edit delivered in the nation is wheat, possessing around 29.8 million hectares. India positions in the second position with regards to worldwide wheat creation. This rabi edit is developed mostly between September – December and gets reaped between February – May. Here is a rundown of top wheat producing states in India.

Top Wheat Producing States in India 2016-17


1. Uttar Pradesh

It is the nation’s driving player and contributes around 34% offer of the aggregate wheat generation. This yield is developed in more than 96 lakh hectares of land, principally in Eastern, Western and Northern piece of Uttar Pradesh. The aggregate yield is around 300.010 lakh metric tons.

2. Punjab

Around 35 lakh hectares produces wheat and records more than 18% of the aggregate wheat creation in the nation. The assortment become here is of Triticum durum and Triticum aestivum. Add up to creation is around 164.720 lakh metric tons.

3. Haryana

It creates more than 116.30 lakh metric tons every year. More than 25 lakh hectares of land is utilized for developing wheat. This state likewise en delights the most elevated profitability of wheat of more than 4 tons/hectare. The primary species become here is Triticum aestivum.

4. Madhya Pradesh

It represents more than 8.5% of the nation’s wheat creation. Durum and Sharbat are the poplar assortments become here. The aggregate yield is around 76.271 lakh metric tons.

5. Rajasthan

This locale gloats of contributing around 8% of the aggregate generation in the nation, with around 72.145 lakh metric tons. More than 24 lakh hectares of land are utilized for wheat development.

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6. Bihar

This state delivers around 40.976 lakh metric tons. Wheat is developed in more than 21 lakh hectares. The yield here is of 1,900 kg/hectare.

7. Gujarat

It represents more than 4% of the aggregate wheat delivered and covers more than 12 lakh hectares. The wheat efficiency here is around 3 tons/hectare, with Triticum aestivum being the fundamental species. The aggregate creation is around 40.195 lakh metric tons.

8. Maharashtra

The species created here is Triticum dicoccum, in the waterway valleys of Tapi, Krishna and Godavari. Land involved for wheat development is around 20 lakh hectares, representing around 4.5% of the nation’s commitment. The aggregate creation is around 23.010 lakh metric tons.

9. Uttarakhand

Consistently, this state delivers more than 8.780 lakh metric tons and involves more than 3.7 hectares of land for wheat generation.

10. West Bengal

Having an aggregate efficiency of more than 8.744 lakh metric ton, it gloats of having wheat profitability of around 2700 kg/hectare and possesses 3 lakh hectares for its creation.

India positions second in world with regards to delivering wheat. Economy of numerous Indian states relies upon agribusiness and wheat is a standout amongst the most widely recognized yield to collect. These Indian states are top wheat producing states in India with a noteworthy offer of aggregate limit of what India needs.

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