Top 10 richest tennis players in the world


Tennis is a standout amongst the most cherished, saw dons on the planet. It is taken after worldwide and has been played since quite a while. Various star tennis players have developed in the historical backdrop of tennis and have set their stamp. Here is the rundown of the top 10 richest tennis players in the world who have accomplished awesome accomplishment in their profession and furthermore have earned huge out of tennis and other brand supports:

Top 10 richest tennis players in the world

10. Li na ($40 million)

Li na


The keep going section on our rundown is this Chinese tennis player, who began off playing badminton in her youth. In spite of the fact that she is the keep going player on our rundown, in 2010 she was one of the most richest tennis players in the world, procuring more than 18 million USD in pay and brand bargains.

9. Anna Kournikova ($50 million)

Anna Kournikova


This Russian American resigned proficient tennis player, stands ninth on our rundown. With a total assets of $50 million and her appearance and superstar status made her extraordinary compared to other known tennis stars around the world, despite the fact that she would never win a WTA singles title. One portion of the “Flavor Girls Duo of Tennis”, she contacted her vocation statures playing duplicates, where she even held the world number one position.

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8. Djokovic ($56 million)

Djokovic, richest tennis players in the world


The present world number one by ATP makes a gauge of 21 million USD from on court exhibitions and 34 million from supports, this Serbian expert is positioned eighth on our rundown of the richest tennis players in the world. In the previous five and a half years alone, he has won 12 Grand Slam titles. This is fourth greatest in the historical backdrop of expert tennis and he has likewise held the world number one spot for a 221 weeks. Djokovic additionally holds the best match winning rate (83.00%) in Open Era, as of August 2016.He likewise holds the record for the being the primary player to procure a prize cash of 20 million USD in a solitary season. He presently lives in Monte Carlo, Monaco with his better half and tyke.

7. Venus williams ($75 million)

Venus williams


The three time world number one positions number seven on our rundown of world’s top 10 richest tennis players 2017. She additionally happens to be the principal African American to be positioned number one in the open tennis period. The senior sister of tennis legend Serena Williams was conceived in California. Since handing star over 1994, Venus has won a sum of 21 Grand Slam titles. In spite of being in her 30’s, she is incredibly fit and even outlines her own apparel line Eleven and offers it with Glite Groupe. Venus likewise holds a little enthusiasm for Miami Dolphins alongside her sister Serena.

6. Rafael Nadal ($125 million)

Rafael Nadal


Conceived on June 3, 1986, Rafael Nadal is an extremely skilled player. Known as “The King of Clay” he has accomplished some surprising accomplishments in his vocation. In his couple of years as an expert tennis player, he has climbed new statures including the World Number One, 10 Grand Slam titles, 6 French Open titles and an Olympic gold award in 2008 Beijing Olympics. With real supports like Nike and Bacardi added to his repertoire, he has made a gigantic entirety off court alone. To top that up, he procures 4.5 million USD for each match he plays. In spite of the fact that he was thumped down due knee damage in 2012, he returned 2013 to sack prize cash of $6.8 million in men’s visit.

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5. Serena Williams ($145 million)

Serena Williams


Serena has truly been administering the women tennis world for a long time now. Truth be told she turned into the most established ladies (31) to hold the best place in February 2013 and has been pivoting in there from that point forward. She has profited in tennis than some other female partner, with gaining around 77 million USD exclusively from on court execution. Off court, she has earned twofold that sum and she even as of late unseated Maria Sharapova as the most richest women tennis players, bringing about an independent total assets of 150 million dollars.

4. Pete Sampras ($150 million)

Pete Sampras


This 14 time amazing pummel champion positions number four in our rundown of the richest tennis players in the world. He is the last American man to win the ATP visit finals and the Wimbledon. Previous world number one begins playing tennis as right on time as three years of age, with preparing professionally when he achieved 10. He is hitched to Bridgette Wilson, previous Miss Teen USA and performer. The couple stays together until this day and are bringing up two children, Christian Charles and Ryan Nicolas.

3. Andre Agassi ($175 million)

Andre Agassi


From being a youthful dissident with glitz shake hair to being a resigned tennis expert who has held the world number one position, he is one of the best in the amusement history. Beginning his diversion in 1986, he had officially made two or three millions out of two years. Through the span of his profession he has prevailed upon 60 titles, 8 thousand hammers and even an Olympic gold decoration. He is effectively associated with magnanimous works and is additionally the pleased author of the Andre Agassi beneficent establishment which works with in danger kids in Nevada.

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2. Maria Sharapova ($195 million)

Maria Sharapova


This Russian magnificence rules both on court and off court. With a staggering stunner and significantly all the more dazzling amusement, she stands second on our rundown of world’s top 10 richest tennis players 2017. In 2015, Forbes named her the most generously compensated female competitor in any game. She has made around 9 million USD every year just by wearing Nike stock. The five time stupendous pummel champion relatively lost a huge number of dollars from her underwriting bargains and confronted a hopeless damage to the picture when she was discovered liable of utilizing a restricted medication to improve her on court execution. While she was tried positive, she confronted a two year suspension on account of ITF. This could have taken a toll her anyplace between 70-100 million dollars, had Nike dropped her as their image envoy.

1. Roger Federer ($320 million)

Roger federer


With regards to tennis, it doesn’t get greater than this person. Having won 16 thousand hammer titles, Roger has additionally earned more than 71 million USD through the span of his profession with his on court nearness. What’s more he has some real brand supports with Nike, Rolex, Wilson, and so forth.

Infact in 2015, he earned 58 million USD from mark supports just, the figure being 52 million out of 2014 and 65 million out of 2013.

Conceived on 8 august, 1981 in Basel, Switzerland he began playing tennis from at an opportune time and began his expert tennis vocation in 1998 and has never thought back since. He has been in the ATP ranking in the top 10 players list since October 2002.

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