Top 10 richest state in India (wealthiest state in India)


India is a nation included 29 states with different culture, convention, dialects, atmosphere, individuals over its lengths and breadths. The lavishness of the state relies upon the Gross Domestic Product, which is typically known as GDP. It is a standard gadget used to measure the extravagance of the countries on the planet. According to New World Wealth is mistake inclined and not exact. This is by virtue of the high GDP does not by any stretch of the imagination change over into high wealth. According to 2017 situating India with a GDP of 8.80 trillion, stays at the number third position in richest country in the world. Regardless, be that as it may, the amount of magnates is extended by 400 percent in the midst of 2002 to 2016 period, many individuals are up til now living in the underneath poverty line. Here is the rundown of the top 10 richest state in India.

Top 10 richest state in India

richest state in India


10. Delhi

At the tenth position of the rundown is the capital, union domain Delhi. It is one of the richest state in India with GDP of 4.51 lakh crore (US$66 billion). The GDP of the state is extended by 5-7% when stood out from the year 2002-03. This state has only 1.83% of the country’s total people adding to national level GDP. The proposed spending design said that per capita compensation of Delhi is extended from Rs 2, 52,022 of every 2014-15 to 2, 80,193 out of 2015-16. The tertiary section contributes 82.3%, assistant region contributes 15.5%, basically check.

9. Madhya Pradesh

It is one among the richest state in India with GDP of 5.08 lakh crore (US$78 billion). The economy of this state was considered as one of the worn out economies of India till 2004, after 2005 it came to as highest states in India to the extent GDP. Madhya Pradesh has gotten stipends from the Honorable President of India for upgrading its tourism, therapeutic, social and infrastructural advancement. It has some extraordinary regular assets holds that are adding to state’s economy.

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8. Andhra Pradesh

In the past the brought together territory of Andhra Pradesh, is one of the southern states with GDP of 5.20 lakh crore (US$77 billion). Andhra Pradesh coastline of 974km. Andhra Pradesh has been isolated as Telangana and Seemandhra. The state has especially made the social and mechanical establishment. Andhra Pradesh is an asylum to various worldwide and pharma players. Cotton is the important improvement of the state. The maritime base and the rocket propelling focus in the state are likewise critical in country’s advancement.

7. Rajasthan

It is one of the wealthiest states in India 2017 with GDP of 5.7 lakh crore (US$100 billion). Out of the fifteen million hectares of land that is being produced, only 20% land is being overflowed. Wheat, Barley, Gram, Vegetables, natural items et cetera are the essential harvests created here. Openings for work in this state are extraordinary. There is a not too bad arrangement of roads in the state covering a length of 1,50,000km. It has the biggest betray in the nation and is one of the most smoking states in the nation.

6. Karnataka

It is one of the high fiscal improvement states in India with GDP of 7.02 lakh crore (US$ 100 billion). Karnataka is the 6th wealthiest state in India. Karnataka has recorded most imperative advancement rates similarly as GDP and per capita. The tertiary section contributes 55%, discretionary fragment contributes 29% and imperative division contributes 16% to the moderate improvement of the state. Bangalore, the capital city of the state is the Silicon Valley of India and is a prime IT center point in the nation.

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5. Gujarat

This state has a GDP of 7.66 crore lakh (US$ 110 billion). It is the greatest inland mechanical concentration in western India after Mumbai. This state is the greatest exporters of pearls and jewels. Vikram Sarabhai and Kasturbhai Lalbhai who gave the name for the Ahmedabad as Manchester of India. Aravind Mills is greatest material processing plants in India. This state has motorized cultivating and is one of the biggest maker of rural items in the nation. It is one among the top 10 richest state in India 2017.

4. West Bengal

It is one of the richest state in India with a GDP of 8.00 crore (US$ 140 billion). The economy of West Bengal is for the most part subject to cultivating and medium estimated undertakings. In any case, broadly estimated ventures accepted an uncommonly critical part in the economy of the state. West Bengal was as yet dependent on the Central Government for dealing with the solicitations for sustenance. It is the support conveying state in India, which produces 20% of rice, 35% of the potato.

3. Uttar Pradesh

Economy of the Uttar Pradesh is the third greatest after the economy of Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu with a GDP of 9.76 lakh crore (US$ 140 billion). Around 22.3% of the states are urbanized. Uttar Pradesh has seven urban groups having more than 1 million peoples. Uttar Pradesh is generally called Agrarian state since it contributes around 18.9% for the production of sustenance grains in India. In tenth Five-year orchestrate state got 5.3% yearly money related improvement. After eleventh Five years organizes yearly moderate improvement was to some degree reduced to 4.8%. Tourism in the state contributes a great deal to its economy, for the most part the brilliant Taj Mahal.

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2. Tamil Nadu

It is the state having a moment greatest economy in India with a present GDP of Rs. 13,842 billion (US$ 210 billion). The per capita wage of Tamil Nadu was about $3,000 in the year 2014-15. Around half of the state is urbanized. The organization contributes around 51% of the financial activities in the states. Similarly, Government is the major is the genuine examiner in the states. Private Indian examiners contribute around 30%, Foreign money related masters contribute around 15%.

1. Maharashtra

It is the most richest state in India with GDP of 16.8 lakh crore. Mumbai is the capital of Maharashtra. In 2014 it had a GDP of about $295 billion and now it is raised to $398 billion. The per capita wage of Maharashtra is about $1,660. Maharashtra is a third urbanized state having the urban people of 45% of the whole masses. It is the second greatest exporter of programming with yearly tolls of 19,000 crores. Pune, Navi Mumbai, Mumbai, Nagpur, Aurangabad and Latur. Mumbai is known as the real entryway to India and is the business capital of the nation.


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