Top 10 richest football players in brazil


Brazil is home to the best ever soccer players. Their footballing history is rich and embellished, with the Pele Golden period in the vicinity of 1958 and 1970. They however appreciated a 22 year drought without Pele, without any trophies and a lot of disappointments in the hands of Argentina and Italy. They however came back to winning courses in the vicinity of 1994 and 2002, with Ronaldo and Ronaldinho driving the group. They won two world containers amid that time. They have since not won a noteworthy trophy since 2005, their last being The Confederations Cup. They are in any case, the best footballing country on the planet, record-wise. Here are a portion of the richest football players in brazil today.

Top 10 richest football players in brazil

10. Givanildo Vieira de Sousa

Givanildo Vieira de Sousa, richest football players in brazil


There is one Brazilian player who has throughout the years stayed sufficiently steady to keep his spot in the Brazilian national group. Brazil being extraordinary compared to other groups on the planet, you can envision how capable you ought to be to influence the group, to take off alone be among the beginning eleven. Mass is a decent midfielder; he has evaded the English head group like a torment and for a justifiable reason. he is profiting where not very many do, and he is doing it effortlessly.

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9. Thiago Silva

Thiago Silva


Thiago Silva, the second most costly protector, is eminent for being one of the most noteworthy appraised safeguards in football history. Having marked with French club Paris St. Germain, he won 4 back to back association titles for his club. He is a solid safeguard with perfect flying ability and having captained his nation and club makes him a player of genuine authority. Silva is all around adulated for being one of the best protectors and is one of the richest football players in brazil.

8. Oscar Emboaba

Oscar Emboaba


Oscar may depart for China before the finish of 2016, for a revealed $70 million exchange charge from Chelsea. All things considered, he is at present at Chelsea FC, warming the save group seat at Stamford Bridge. He is a productive midfielder for both club and nation, having won the Olympic gold with the national side in 2016, the English Premier League with Chelsea in 2014.

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7. Robin ho

Robin ho


Robinho plays for Atletico Mineiro as a forward. He is known for his ball control, assaulting intuition and spilling. He is one of the richest football players in brazil. Youngster Robinho was picked by Brazil legend Pele and began preparing at Santos Football Club. Known for his assaulting abilities, ball control and noteworthy footwork’s he depicts capacity of playing at various positions out on the field. Now and again he plays inadequately out in the field yet in spite of that he makes objectives for his kindred partners and in addition scoring them.

6. Dani Alves

Dani Alves


Juventus star ideal back is broadly known for his incredible pace on the field with the ability of covering rivals on runs. This, specifically, makes him ready to play as a midfielder as well. He advanced regard and consideration of the handicapped making him a diplomat for the Special Olympics. He is likewise a solid against bigotry extremist. Once amid a diversion, a fan tossed him a banana as a bigot signal, he ate it.

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5. Ricardo Kaka

Ricardo Kaka


He is one among the top 10 richest football players in brazil 2017. Kaka plays as an assaulting midfielder for Orlando City SC in Major League Soccer and the Brazil national group. Kaka has the capacity of skimming quickly past his rivals giving barrier part goes and also scoring objectives. He started playing football at age eight where he played for a nearby club back in his nation of origin Brazil. The footballer would likewise play tennis in his feed day until the point that when he marked with his first football club. Solid, spry, profoundly capable he was yet was exceptionally inclined to wounds which influenced his body, yet it would not prevent him from making objective scoring chances for his colleagues and in addition scoring them. Exact shots he had which empowered him to score all through the football field making him an essential choice for extra shots.

4. David Luiz

David Luiz


Chelsea and Brazil full-back David Luiz is a standout amongst other protectors to play for Brazil, one of the richest football players in brazil. He is known to guard and assault in break even with measure. He has an executioner right leg and is likewise a dead ball expert. He delighted in a spell with French mammoths PSG, winning the Ligue 1 twice, before coming back to the club that gave him the Champions League and Europa League in progression. He made the 2014 FIFA Team of the Year in 2014. His continuance and camaraderie saw him break the English exchange record for a safeguard (50 million pounds) when Chelsea sold him to PSG, and later got him back for 32 Million pounds).

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3. Willian Borges

Willian Borges


Willian right now plays for Chelsea at an assaulting midfielder close by individual kinsmen Oscar and David Luiz. He joined Chelsea from Russian club Anzhi Makhachkala, having reprimanded Tottenham even after they had concurred on an exchange bargain. I wager Russian extremely rich person and Chelsea proprietor Roman Abramovich took part in the touch of the story. He is a critical first cooperative person and has been connected to a move outside the chief class. China cash is quick coming, and given prominent chiefs are moving there, perhaps Willian will likewise be baited the distance to Asia.

2. Ronaldinho



Ronaldinho is the present club envoy for Spanish club FC Barcelona in the wake of marking for them in September 2016. All through his profession, Ronaldinho is known for his exact completing aptitudes with both of his feet. Increasing speed, nimbleness, ball control and his pace were a portion of the properties that influenced him to beat players over the field no sweat. At the point when the ball is in his ownership he is generally known to humiliate individuals out on the field as well. His abilities are by nature which he took in by watching recordings from his deities amid his day. He can score objectives from any piece of the field and additionally making objective scoring opportunities to his players as well.

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1. Neymar Jr



Neymar Jr., plays as a forward for Spanish club FC Barcelona and the Brazil national group. He is the richest football players in brazil. He has the best objectives per coordinate transformation proportion at 50 objectives on 74 appearances. He was a key player in Brazil’s triumphs at the 2011 South American Youth Championship. Neymar is an awesome player on the field, with the capacity to switch feet immediately. He scored the triumphant punishment at the 2014 Olympics in Rio, gifting Brazil with the tricky Olympic gold. He is yet to win the World Cup with the national side, yet his club record is particularly adorned. He is presently the Brazil national group captain.

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