Top 10 popular and best cosmetic brand in the world


Beautifiers have developed to take a section in many individuals’ regular day to day existences. There are many brands contending with each other to give the wide cluster of corrective items accessible. These assortment of items incorporate eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara, establishment, confront creams, eyebrow pencils, and numerous others. Each of these best cosmetic brand in the world tries to prevail upon the hearts of their clients around the globe.

Top 10 popular and best cosmetic brand in the world

best cosmetic brands in India, best cosmetic brand in the world


10. Maybelline

This organization is celebrated worldwide and has a gathering of excellence items running from eyeliner to hair mind things. They advertise eyeshadows, lipsticks, establishment, and even facial medications. Maybelline was established by a youthful business person who saw his sister applying a blend of Vaseline and coal tidy to her eyelashes. This gave them a darker look, thus the business visionary adjusted this with a science set.

9. Urban Decay

Urban Decay was established in 1996 and is headquartered in California. They make an assortment of items including eye and lip hues, and in addition other excellence items. The items are generally sold at huge retail establishments in America and additionally Germany and Mexico. This is one of the best cosmetic brand in the world which is a pitilessness free organization, and doesn’t utilize creature testing.

8. CoverGirl

This restorative organization was found in Maryland, America. It got its name when the Noxell Company (author) permitted “glamor girls, for example, mold models and on-screen characters to show up on the intro page. This organization has a wide exhibit of excellence items at genuinely sensible costs.

7. Avon

It’s full name is Avon Products, Inc., and it has been doing business for more than 125 years. The organization is a global producer and direct offering organization. It is one of the biggest magnificence organization on the planet and has around 6 million agents. This takes into consideration many individuals to bring home the bacon by offering their cosmetics items. The plan of action incorporates way to entryway deals and pamphlets.

6. Revlon

Revlon incorporates items, for example, beauty care products, healthy skin, scent, and individual care. This organization is the patron of numerous philanthropy items. One of the biggest is the Revlon Run Walk. It is held in New York state and Los Angeles city for bringing issues to light of bosom malignancy. One of the spokesmodel is Halle Berry.

Top 10 best cosmetic brands in India

5. Etude House

This organization is a South Korean beautifiers mark. It in the long run opened stores in Taiwan, Singapore, Phillipinnes, Japan, Brunei, and Myanmar. It was fused by the Amore Cosmetics Group, now one of the best cosmetic brand in the world.

4. Mac

This restorative organization was established in Canada, yet the home office are in New York. By 2007, the organization had offers of $500 million which was the twofold of what they were 10 years prior. Estee Lauder Inc. obtained in this organization in 1998. This organization cases to give items which are road saavy and also impressive. The magnanimous concentration is HIV/AIDS.

3. L’Oreal

This organization is a French corrective brand. It is one of the best cosmetic brand in the world and has a few items including beauty care products, healthy skin, aromas, and hair mind. It’s promoting motto is “On the grounds that we’re justified, despite all the trouble”.

2. OriFlame

This brand was established by Jonas and Rober af Jochnick one of the top cosmetic brands. It is a Swedish organization and it offers individual care, adornments, and nourishing items. The items can be purchased specifically or on the web. The organization offers straightforwardly in more than 60 nations globally. It has normal magnificence items with a yearly deals around more than 1.5 billion Euros.

1. Clinique

Clinique is a best cosmetic brand in the world which makes skincare items, beautifying agents, toiletries, and aromas. It is generally sold in top of the line retail establishments like Macy’s (USA). It was established in 1968. The organization is an auxiliary of Estee Lauder Companies. This is the world’s first sensitivity tried, dermatologist-drive line at the retail establishment Saks Fifth Avenue.

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