Top 10 popular and beautiful Indonesian women

Dinda Hauw

Indonesian performers are exceptionally appealing and extremely skilled. The on-screen characters recorded here are the best entertainers in their country. A significant number of these female geniuses perform in movie form, TV and in theater. Their work can be seen all over and they rouse new ages of performers consistently. Here is an introduction of the best and beautiful Indonesian women in 2018.

Top 10 popular and beautiful Indonesian women

10. Pevita Pearce

Pevita Pearce, beautiful Indonesian women


Pevita Pearce is a youthful and hot Indonesian women who is developing inside Indonesia as one of its finest stars. She is only 25-years of age and has an extraordinary vocation really taking shape. Pearce is relied upon to assume in greater parts inside future and she is a decent performer who is set to begin grabbing parts in 2016. Pevita is likewise the little girl of an English father and this is one reason why she looks so great.

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9. Anggika Bolsterli

Anggika Bolsterli


Anggika Bolsterli assumed a part in the film Youtubers in 1995. Since that time, she has performed in different parts. As a performer, this young woman truly prefers her vocation. She has been performing for quite a while. As she develops she needs to go up against all the more difficult parts. Anggika is as yet creating as an entertainer yet inevitably she will make her mark.

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8. Alexa Key

Alexa Key


Alexa Key name is like Alicia Keys the popular R and B vocalist. While Alicia Keys is an acclaimed; Alexa Key is an on-screen character on the ascent. She is beginning to get consideration from all over and choosing the correct parts will be imperative right now amid her vocation. Up until this point, this young woman has been joined to do some huge film industry hits and since she is just 23, she has a gorgeous future in front of her being one of the beautiful Indonesian women.

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7. Manda Cello

Manda Cello


Indonesian on-screen character Manda Cello is something other than a screen entertainer she is likewise an artist and a model. This young woman has not been in the acting amusement for quite a while yet she is rapidly turning into an unmistakable ability. Cello is 25 and she is making them act abilities decent. In the film Iseng, she completed an entirely great job with her part and commentators concur that she is sufficient to keep a man’s consideration while on screen. She is one of the talented and beautiful Indonesian actress.

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6. Acha Septriasa

Acha Septriasa


Acha Septriasa is an attractive lady being one of the beautiful Indonesian women who is youthful, hot and enticing. Despite the fact that she is physically alluring – she is likewise an incredible on-screen character who has been in the diversion for well more than 10 years. She has been doing business, TV and movies since she was a young lady. Sptriasa is one of the most generously compensated performing artists in Indonesia. This is a demonstration of this current entertainer’s aptitude, attractive looks and the correct selection of parts that she went up against over the span of her professions.

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5. Ratna Kharisma Adzana

Ratna Kharisma Adzana


Ratna Kharisma Adzana has acting in her blood. She is one among the top 10 most popular and beautiful Indonesian women. She is a delightful young woman who is only 24. She is basically known for her part on the show Sinertron. She has been chosen to assume a part in the up and coming movie Ketika Cinta Jatuh Cinta. Groups of onlookers can hope to see more from Adzana later on the grounds that she is a verified on-screen character with solid associations and a stunning acting capacity.

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4. Natasha Wilona

Natasha Wilona


Natasha is lovely and an exceptionally attractive young indonesian woman. She is as yet a minor yet is viewed as a standout amongst the most vital performing artists inside the country. She has been performing for quite a while and many individuals around the country truly adore this young woman. Wilona is amusing to watch and she has ability to go down her enchanting identity. Wilona is has an incredible film nearness and she is en route to enormity.

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3. Sekar Sari

Sekar Sari


Sekar Sari one of the beautiful Indonesian women has been around for some time. She has been acting in some better than average movies including the exceptionally evaluated film Siti. She won a honor for Best Performance. She is an extremely adaptable performing artist that likewise serves as a news moderator. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true she’s an on-screen character who is additionally a regarded columnist inside her country. Sari is as yet youthful and her vocation decisions will help bond her heritage inside the universe of Indonesian film and news.

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2. Yuki Kato

Yuki Kato


Yuki Kato is an Indonesian lady who has a Japanese father. She has been acting quite a while. This young woman is 22 and is one of Indonesia’s greatest rising stars in the business. Kato is en route to turning into an amazing on-screen character inside the country. She is extremely renowned and all around regarded inside her vocation. Many individuals like Kato and appreciate seeing her perform in film.

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1. Dinda Hauw

Dinda Hauw


Dinda Hauw is 21 however has been acting since she was a tyke. She has the experience, the capacity and the expertise to be viewed as extraordinary compared to other screen entertainers in all of Indonesia. Despite the fact that she is a beautiful Indonesian women she is quickly ascending through the positions on her to turning into a perceived star inside this industry. Hauw is excellent and she adores to perform. This young woman additionally enhances her many fans and is genuinely appreciative to be the sparkling star that she has progressed toward becoming.

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