Top 10 most richest zambian people 2018

Robin Miller

Zambia has a standout amongst the most predictable development levels as far as G.D.P around the globe. They enlist an amazing 6.7% normal development in G.D.P consistently. The representatives and ladies in the nation are working extremely difficult to guarantee that the economy remains detached. Other than that the privatization of the copper mining industry in their nation has helped their economy an incredible arrangement as they significantly advantage from the generation of copper. The richest zambian are proprietors of trustworthy organizations having possessed the capacity to construct business domains. For some of them, their prosperity has empowered them to secure capable administration positions in the political field. Here is a rundown of the most richest zambian people.

Top 10 most richest zambian people

10. Satwant Singh

Satwant Singh, richest zambian


His total assets is said to be a normal of 198 million dollars, among top richest zambian people. This nice looking rally driver has prevailed upon well eight African engine titles subsequently trading in for money enormous measures of cash from the engine don. He has additionally been granted the “Extraordinary commitment to brandish” grant by the Zambia sports chamber. His prosperity isn’t just constrained to sports, he is additionally scoring enormous in the business world also.

9. Andrew Sardanis

Andrew Sardanis


This representative has figured out how to make an entire other idea to tourism by consolidating untamed life workmanship and extravagant living through his faultless property known as Chaminuka town. The town sits amidst untamed life and increases in having a craftsmanship legacy of around 50 years from all around Africa. This is really a stunner to observe. One can just envision its value.

8. Charles Milupi

Charles Milupi


This is additionally another affluent businessperson who has hurled himself into the field of governmental issues. He has possessed the capacity to develop his riches by making insightful ventures. He claims partakes in various fruitful organizations in particular, Lafarge Cement Company, Tiiseza Zambia Ltd, and the Copperbelt Energy Co-operation.

7. Geoffrey Mwamba

Geoffrey Mwamba


He is likewise locale Member of Parliament for Kasawa in Zambia which discloses to us that separated from business, his attention is additionally on legislative issues. He is an impeccable specialist. He has additionally filled in as the clergyman for Defense in his nation between the times of 2011 and 2013. He is persevering and aggressive man for the most part prevalent for his political vocation.

6. Carl Irwin

Carl Irwin


Carl Irwin and his family are the brains behind Zambeef items, one of the biggest meat organizations in Zambia, one among the top richest zambian. They have ascended from humble beginnings beginning from owning only one butchery to developing it into multi-national organization. Important is that the organization has been recorded in both the London stock trade and additionally the Zambian stock trade.

Glimpse of the top 10 richest musician in Zambia

5. Mark O’Donnell

Mark O'Donnell


This business head honcho is a specialist in land. He claims various shopping centers and he likewise has incredible interests in the lodging business with well more than seven inns. He has possessed the capacity to rise due to his incredible capacity to strategize and get the best out of any arrangement. He is an extremely savvy representative. Presently, he has possessed the capacity to cooperate with Africa’s biggest lodging gathering to raise another lavish inn.

4. Dr. Rajan Mahtani

Dr. Rajan Mahtani


Dr. Rajan Mahtani’s business realm is extensive and he additionally bends over as the administrator of Finance bank constrained. The man is well perused also. Aside from being an ensured bookkeeper, he likewise has a P.H.D in business law. It is protected to state that this business head honcho is definitely justified even despite a normal of 293 million dollars, one of the richest zambian.

3. Robin Miller

Robin Miller


This lady has ascended to the best because of her entrepreneurial ability particularly in the territory of land where she has been widely included. She likewise takes a distinct fascination in natural life thus she has sat on the sheets of numerous untamed life trusts, for example, the David Shepherd natural life trust.

2. Noble Findlay

Noble Findlay


Respectable is the originator of Auto-world. This one of the greatest engine shops in all of Zambia with eleven branches spread the nation over. He established the organization with his better half and two children thus this is in all substance a family organization. The man is said to be justified regardless of a normal of 310 million dollars. The organization offers autos, water crafts and in addition other engine items.

1. Hakainde Hichilema

Hakainde Hichilema


This rundown would not be finished in the event that we neglected to specify business big shot Hakainde Hichilema who likewise bends over as a government official. Actually he is the resistance pioneer in Zambia. He is well perused, with a MBA in Finance from a best college in London. He is a mogul and he happens to claim one of the greatest farms in Zambia and the richest man in zambia.


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