Top 10 most popular pakistani female singer of all time

Hadiqa Kiani

Pakistan is an awesome nation that is all around perceived by many individuals for having lovely ladies. These women hail from various parts of Pakistan and are constantly associated with different exercises and callings. We will wander on well known female vocalists of Pakistan. Some of them are exceptionally esteemed due to their hitting tracks to date while others are long dead yet perceived. Dead ones remaining a heritage that is never forgotten when their tracks are played. Rundown underneath contains most prevalent pakistani female singer ever.

Top 10 most popular pakistani female singer of all time

10. Fariha Pervez

Fariha Pervez


This lady is among wonderful pakistan female singer included in this rundown. Fareeha Pervaiz is among driving vocalists and musicians that have been included in many rivalries and article. Showing up in this record is clear confirmation that Fareeha is in reality prevalent among many individuals. She has an interesting voice that is sweet to tune in to particularly when low in soul and is known to elevate souls of many individuals. Pervaiz started singing in 1990’s and has stayed energetic all through her singing profession to date.

9. Shabnam Majeed

Shabnam Majeed


Shabnam Majeed is another astonishing artist of Pakistan that is continually remarkable when depicting live exhibitions in front of an audience. Her style of singing is run of the mill and intriguing particularly with his resonant voice. Shabnam is among most loved vocalists of Pakistan and has many fans in that nation. Her incredible structures are dependably on top in numerous rivalries and have constantly touched heart of many individuals in Pakistan and encompassing states. Shabnam is exceptionally lovely and well performing Pakistani woman of season. Dil Cheez Hai Kya Jana is one of his perceived tracks.

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8. Reshma



Reshma was conceived on fifth January, 1947, Ratangarh, Rajasthan, in India among the top pakistani old female singers. Most astonishing thing about this woman is that she never had any formal training. That did not frustrate her from accomplishing her objectives throughout everyday life. Reshma find her enthusiasm for music in late 1950’s and authoritatively showed up in TV for first time in 1960. Voice of this incredible woman is sweet and will dependably astound many individuals in Pakistan. At present, Reshma has many tracks that are driving and have many fans. One of it is Meri Humjolio.

7. Humera Arshad

Humera Arshad


On seventh position of this article is Humera Arshad and she is among famous female pakistani singers ever. Humera picked up a great deal of accomplishment and notoriety inside a brief period. The vast majority in Asian nations cherish her tracks. This is a direct result of her pleasant voice that touches heart of numerous music fans. Humera began singing in the wake of having an intense preparing in social, people, Ghazal and popular music. This incredible preparing was under Ustaad Nustrat Fateh Ali Khan. This man is profoundly regarded by most fans in Pakistan for supporting youthful singing ability of Humera Arshad.

6. Annie Khalid

Annie Khalid


Her unique original name is Noor Ul Khalid Annie. She hails from England however has beginning in Pakistan. She is one of most known pakistani female singer of season and has been very perceived for discharging extraordinary tracks to advertise. Annie created an incredible tune known as Mahiya. This was only a begin of her triumph advertisement distinction around the world. It acquired her a considerable measure of acknowledgment whole Pakistan. Conceived on 27th March, 1987, this astounding woman is youthful yet has been perceived for her very perceived singing abilities.

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5. Rabi Peerzada

Rabi Peerzada


We can’t commit any error of twisting up this article without including this stunning pakistani female singer known as Rabi Peerzada. She is an adoring girl of Major Humayoon Peerzada. Her dad was an outstanding Pakistan Army officer. Rabi was conceived on third February, 1987, in Quetta (Pakistan). Aside from her singing profession, Rabi is a Karate master and holds a dark belt. One thing that I have found with this woman is that she is energetic and persevering. The vast majority of her exercises are profoundly perceived advertisement esteemed everywhere in the public arena.

4. Hadiqa Kiani

Hadiqa Kiani


As we proceed with this commencement, here we meet this extraordinary name in Pakistan known as Hadiqa Kayani. She is a very esteemed individual around the world. This is essentially a result of her energy to music. Hadiqa is a notable vocalist promotion artist that has created many hitting tracks around the world. Unscripted tv demonstrate that occurred in 2013 facilitated her to perform obligations of a judge. This was another method for making her best known to many individuals henceforth highlighted in this article.

3. Nazia Hassan

Nazia Hassan


On third position among top pakistani female singer is Nazia Hassan. She is outstanding pop vocalist that has created numerous incredible structures that are profoundly esteemed in whole Pakistan. Many individuals dependably appreciate her voice, which is portrayed as resonant. Nazia discharges tracks that elevate numerous souls of fans from different nations all around. Hassan was conceived o third April, 1965 In Karachi, Pakistan. Disco Deewane is one of her most loved track that has picked up a considerable measure of acclaim up until this point.

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2. Naheed Akhtar

Naheed Akhtar


Naheed Akhtar is another exceedingly gifted woman in second position of this article. Her skilled of singing is exceptionally perceived in Pakistan and other encompassing countries. You can’t miss to perceive this astounding voice in most Pakistan radio and TV slots. At whatever point live in front of an audience, the majority of her fans are continually yelling. They can’t withstand what they are typically got notification from their melody symbol. Pakistan commends this astonishing woman on the loose.

1. Madam Noor Jahan

Madam Noor Jahan, pakistani female singer


Madam Noor Jehan is most well known of all pakistani female singer highlighted in this article. Her well exhibitions particularly when live in front of an audience, have significantly added to her arrival in first position in this rundown of most prominent Pakistan female artists ever. Madam Noor was just 74 years of age when she passed on one evening of 23rd December, 2000, In Karachi Pakistan.

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