Top 10 largest rice producing countries in the world

largest rice producing countries

Yield on which numerous nations are needy on. Rice is sent out and imported between numerous countries. Rice is significantly utilized for the culinary inclination on the planet particularly in Asiatic nations. China is the nation which influenced rice as a harvest and now to have spread worldwide. The nations living in the eastern and southern parts of Asia have fruitful soils which is appropriate for its production. Therefore these nations which are the largest rice producing countries in the world have given their best in the field of rice as a yield.

Rice is likewise accessible in numerous classes of which Basmati is the best-known among the all. In a few sections of the world individuals want to eat dark colored rice rather than white. They are rich in starches. In this manner, they are one of the least expensive wellsprings of calorie admission.

Top 10 largest rice producing countries in the world

largest rice producing countries


10. Japan

Japan is a land loaded with paddy fields. It has every one of the favors for the rice production. But because of the lack of farmlands, this nation can’t deliver enough yields as other nations. This is the explanation behind its tenth position in the list of largest rice producing countries in the world. There are 2.3 million ranches the nation out of which right around 85% of them are developed with rice’s. The current figures uncovered that Japan has delivered 11.573 million tons in a year ago.

9. Brazil

Brazil is the main territory of South America which is rich in rice production. Brazil has an offer of 1.7% in the aggregate rice generation of the world. They are in the best 9 in view of their great quality utilization of grains. It delivers around 251 distinct kinds of rice in the nation.

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8. Philippines

Philippines remains in the eighth position in the list of largest rice producing countries in the world. It has an offer of 2.8% in the aggregate generation of rice in the world. Luzon and the Western Vasayas are real locales in the nation where rice are produced. This rice creation helps the nation in developing their economy.

7. Burma

Profoundly flooded and ripe place that is known for Myanmar is Burma which fills in as the most accommodating condition for rice creation. In spite of an absence of assets and interest in the agrarian segment, this nation has indicated extraordinary yield with respect to its creation. Burma has created 34.250 million metric tons as indicated by the most recent measurements from a year ago. The administration still needs to find a way to abuse the most extreme rural region for creation of rice.

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6. Bangladesh

This nation is to a great degree renowned for its creation and utilization of rice. This is on account of the nation gets an adequate precipitation and over that this nation even has the streams which courses through those farming fields. Though the aggregate region of the nation isn’t abundantly contrasted with the nations recorded here the yield is as high as others. In Bangladesh 75% of agrarian land is utilized for cultivation. This is the explanation behind its sixth rank among largest rice producing countries on the planet.

5. Thailand

Thailand is another nation which is known for high return in rice production. It has a zone of 9.2 million hectares for cultivation. It is assessed that in the year 2017 the creation of rice in the fields will be more than 25 million tons. Thailand is acclaimed for its great Jasmine rice which is sent out at twofold rates in the universal markets. But the yield of Jasmine rice is similarly little than different sorts. This is one of only a handful couple of largest rice producing countries in the world 2017.

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4. Vietnam

Vietnam has the region of 33 million hectares for the development and the vast majority of this zone is utilized for rice production. Mekong Delta is the one a player in the nation which produces rice in high amount with kept up quality. It is otherwise called the “Rice Bowl” of the country. Vietnam has the number of inhabitants in 17 million people and just about 18% of them have included the development as rice generation is the significant spine of the national economy.

3. Indonesia

Indonesia’s dirt can be seen with loaded with green paddy rice fields scattered over the huge patches of land. Indonesia stands third among the largest rice producing countries in the world. The development is spread more than 10 million hectares of place where there is the country. This assumes a noteworthy part in the economy of the country. Now a days the administration is taking numerous activities to expand the yield. It has additionally expanded the yield of excellent generation assortments in the nation.

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2. India

Substantial paddy fields makes India to remain in the second position of being the largest rice producing countries in the world. The rate of yearly precipitation, regular changes, storm season and expansive territories of development are the central factors that drove India to be the second most rice creating nation in the world. India represents the 20% of the aggregate generation in the world. It is the world’s biggest nation to deliver the white and darker rice. As horticulture assumes a noteworthy part in the economy of the country, rice is created in bigger amounts.

1. China

Quality and amount both come as an inseparable unit when we discuss rice creation in China. This nation is the main residence of this generation of rice. It has long old conventions of having rice as the fundamental piece of the eating routine. By its territory region, China is one of the largest rice producing countries in the world. Along these lines, it gives the expansive territory of land for agrarian utilize, particularly for its development. Two third piece of the number of inhabitants in China likes to have rice as their diet. It is a customary exporter in Asia.


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