Top 10 highest paid CEO in the world

Robert Iger, Disney

A CEO, additionally called the overseeing chief, is the position of the senior corporate officer, official, pioneer, who is accountable for dealing with an association. They are required to boost the estimation of the firm, increment the piece of the pie, incomes or different components. They hold the basic leadership controls and are by and large the most generously compensated among every one of the representatives. Recorded underneath is the best 10 most highest paid CEO of 2017.

Top 10 highest paid CEO in the world

Here is the rundown of world’s top 10 highest paid CEO in 2017-2018:

10. Lawrence J. Ellison – Oracle

Lawrence J. Ellison – Oracle, highest paid CEO


Prophet is a California based PC equipment organization that has some expertise in big business programming items. Lawrence J. Ellison is the prime supporter and CEO of the organization, with total assets of a stunning $56.2 billion. He is set in number 10 in the most highest paid CEO of the world 2017.

9. Mario J. Gabelli

Mario J. Gabelli, highest paid CEO


GAMCO Investors, established in 1977, offers venture warning administrations and speculation association, chiefly in the USA. Mario J. Gabelli is the author and present CEO of the organization, with a half stake in the organization and revealed total assets of $1.2 billion.

8. Charif Souki – Cheniere Energy

Charif Souki – Cheniere Energy, highest paid CEO


Cheniere Energy is an American organization, situated in Texas that had practical experience in melted gaseous petrol transport. Charif Souki – the Chairman, President and CEO of Cheniere Energy, wins around $388,902 every day, which is, shockingly enough, 2,700 times more than the normal family wage in America.

7. Indra Nooyi, PepsiCo (Compensation: $26.4 million)

Indra Nooyi, PepsiCo


PepsiCo’s CEO Indra Nooyi had a compensation bundle of $26.4 million of every 2016, a number the organization landed at in the wake of offering her an expansion of 18% from the earlier year. In 2016, Nooyi got an extra reward of $13.9 million for assuming a vital part in sparing the organization nearly $1 billion through cost cutting. She likewise helped PepsiCo adapt to creation issues by expanding costs of items and propelling new items a year ago.

6. David Zaslav, Discovery Communications (Compensation: $33.3 million)

David Zaslav, Discovery Communications


David Zaslav has taken a gigantic compensation cut, but then stays inside the main 10 most highest paid CEO on the planet 2017. A 79% drop saw Zaslav’s compensation go from $156.1 million of every 2014 to simply $33.3 million out of 2016. In spite of the fact that his pay was chopped down, he marked an agreement to stay with the organization through 2019 and with that, he got stocks and choices worth nearly $94 million. Disclosure takes after an arrangement wherein the compensations of the best officials rely upon the accounts of the organization.

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5. Sandeep Mathrani, General Growth Properties (Compensation: $39.2 million)

Sandeep Mathrani, General Growth Properties


Sandeep Mathrani, the CEO of General Growth got a compensation climb a year ago alongside a business get that keeps him fastened to the work area until 2020. His pay was assessed at $39.2 million, which incorporates stock honors that will vest in 2020. He was taking care of one of the biggest land portfolios in New York and Manhattan for the organization he was already working for — Vornado Realty Trust — and he was the man in charge of altering the shopping center industry retail scene.

4. Philippe Dauman, Viacom (Pay: $44.3 million)

Philippe Dauman, Viacom


The pay of the Viacom CEO has been in the news for different reasons. There was theory by budgetary examiners with regards to the remuneration being paid to the CEO and other best administrators, which was viewed as lopsided to the benefits of the organization. Regardless of Viacom’s net revenue progressively barely, the pay rates of best officials developed at a mind blowing 19-20% consistently. Notwithstanding when the organization was experiencing execution issues, Dauman’s compensation structure stayed unaltered and his agreement was reached out to 2018.

3. Robert Iger, Disney (Compensation: $44.9 million)

Robert Iger, Disney


Robert Iger, also called Bob Iger, got $44.9 million as remuneration a year ago. Disney had real discharges like Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Pixar’s Inside Out which were benefit drivers for the organization. Despite the fact that Iger’s pay dropped from $46.5 million of every 2014 to $44.9 in 2015, his work on significant tasks like Star Wars and adapting on the Stars Wars establishment was valued by the organization. With the motion picture breaking film industry records, Iger’s initial retirement anticipate 2016 was wiped out and the organization broadened his agreement till 2018.

2. Leslie Moonves, CBS Corporation (Compensation: $56.8 million)

Leslie Moonves, CBS Corporation


As one of the greatest TV broadcasting organizations on the planet, CBS pays its head honcho $56.8 million for each annum. Moonves is the man in charge of the system investigating their different alternatives in the advanced space. He is one of the highest paid CEO in the world.

1. Dara Khosrowshahi, Expedia (Pay: $94.6 million)

Dara Khosrowshahi, Expedia


The most highest paid CEO in the world at present is the best manager of Expedia, Inc. who makes a healthy $94.6 million a year. As indicated by reports, he’s additionally the main CEO who got a raise of 881%, a speculation. The organization secured him influencing him to sign a long haul work concurrence with them and guaranteeing that he remains on until 2020. Alongside the augmentation in his base pay, Khosrowshahi likewise got investment opportunities and different advantages.


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