Top 10 highest paid actors in the world 2017

Jackie Chan

A man who acts or depicts a specific character in an execution is known as a performing artist. For the most part these performers demonstration in films or plays or broadway. These performing artists require unique aptitudes in acting in order to acquire fans and cash. The performers who depict diverse characters gets paid the most. The performers who have given a larger number of hits than others likewise get more paid. Recorded here is the main 10 highest paid actors in the world as per the charges they do per single film.

Top 10 highest paid actors in the world

10. Akshay Kumar

Facts About Akshay Kumar, highest paid actors in the world


Akshay Kumar is a popular activity cum-comic drama saint of Bollywood. He has learnt karate and kung fu and does all tricks without anyone else. He is one of the busiest on-screen character of Bollywood and some most recent films were a monstrous hit on the planet. He has facilitated some TV demonstrates which additionally made picked up him popularity. He is likewise well known for embracing distinctive item. He charges nearly $32 million for a solitary film as a main on-screen character.

 9. Mark Wahlberg



Wahlberg is outstanding amongst other humorist in the film business. He has done some tumble parts in the films however that does not consider his prosperity is remarkable. He has as of late acted in the fruitful parody appear on HBO called Ballers and has made him more celebrated. He is known for motion pictures like ‘Ted’, ‘Ted 2’, ‘Torment and pick up’ and so on. Stamp charges nearly $32 million for a solitary motion picture.

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8. Salman Khan

Salman Khan


Salman Khan is extremely well known and most took after on-screen characters of Bollywood. He is named as the greatest star in India. He is additionally running a welfare affiliation called Being Human which is well known in India. He has done some programs as a host and embraced numerous items in light of his star esteem. The cost for taking Salman Khan in the film is nearly $33.5 million.

7. Amitabh Bachchan

Amitabh Bachchan


Amitabh Bachchan is the legend of Bollywood and has set norms for the up and coming performers of the business. He has given some real hits to the world. He has facilitated a test appear, Kaun Banega Crorepati, which was viewed by millions. He is likewise named as one of the richest bollywood actors in the world. The cost charged by the performing artist to act in a film is nearly $33.5 million. He is a genuine motivation for the youthful performers coming in this field.

6. Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise


Tom Cruise is a standout amongst the most good looking performing artist on the planet who acts richly and diversely in every film. He charges nearly $40 million for every motion picture. He has showed up in numerous acclaimed motion pictures that were a hit in the entire world and has a large number of fans who are interested to find out about him. The best silver screen of his vocation has been the Mission outlandish arrangement.

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5. Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler


Adam Sandler is popular for giving enormous hits in Comedy sort. The movies of this performing artist are exceptionally well known and viewed by all independent of age. The current film of this performing artist, Ridiculous 6 was adored by the general population. He has featured in films like Grownups, Grownups 2 and numerous others. The on-screen character charges $41 million for a solitary film as a main performer. He is one among the top 10 highest paid actors in the world 2017.

4. Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper


Bradley Cooper is renowned on the planet and has a huge number of fans. He has additionally won the best on-screen character grant in Oscar. He has his own particular generation organization that has created a portion of the best motion pictures and TV arrangement as of late. The charges of this on-screen character are nearly $41.5 million that is the reason this performing artist is one of the highest paid actors in the world and carrying on with a lavish life.

3. Shahrukh khan

Shah Rukh Khan


Khan made his cool $38 million this year from his forthright charges for his gazing parts in “Hit Harry met Sejal,” “Raees,” and “Tubelight” — and for peddling a huge amount of Indian brands that are no doubt obscure to the normal American buyer. He is the highest paid actors in bollywood.

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2. Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan


Jackie Chan is considered as the ruler of activity and has done numerous solid parts in real life motion pictures. He got much notoriety from the film Dragon Blade, which made ready for his entrance to Hollywood. He has his image of attire and acquires a ton from that too. He has given his voice to many energized motion pictures. He charges nearly $50 million for a solitary motion picture.

1. Robert Downey Jr

Robert Downey Jr


He is the performer who got much popularity in his vocation on account of Iron Man and his marvelous execution in Avengers. He is named as the best on-screen character by a study for three back to back years. He has acted in a few various types of parts and has a huge fan base around the world. He is considered as the most highest paid actors in the world since he charges nearly $80 million for a solitary film.

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