Top 10 best mobile phone companies in the world

best mobile phone companies

The world that we know today is unfathomable without cell phones. For a few radicals, even nourishment is something that can be traded off for quite a while, yet cell phones can’t. Relatively every side of the world is becoming simpler to reach and speak with, while a large number of us appear to have built up an uncommon bond with an ever increasing number of individuals on account of sensational uses of cell phones in any event a few perspectives like web based talking, person to person communication, videoconferencing, web based gaming, and clearly not to overlook, web based dating and matchmaking. In a similar world where it was hard to impart and get new thoughts, incidentally turns out, now, that there is a flood of thoughts, because of the web, and working together with it, the cell phones make every one of these thoughts open to any person over the globe. There is subsequently, an exceptionally solid rivalry to make the best mobile phone companies on the planet, and that is the reason we list the best 10 organizations that have really prevailing in the race of building the best mobile phone companies in the world.

Top 10 best mobile phone companies in the world

best mobile phone companies


1. Samsung

This cell phone monster has surely a considerable measure to gloat about as it may likewise be the first to dispatch an adaptable screen telephone in 2017. Samsung sold 444 million cell phones in 2013 with a 24.6% piece of the pie, an ascent of 2.6 rate guides analyzed toward a year ago when the South Korean mammoth sold 384 million cell phones.

The organization has been the best mobile phone companies since 2012 and furthermore has an extensive variety of cell phones, the vast majority of which have a place with the world arrangement.

2. Nokia

The Finnish handset monster that sold its gadgets business to Microsoft kept on being the second best mobile phone companies with expansive offers of 250.79 million cell phone units in 2013. Possessing a piece of the overall industry of 13.9%, a decrease contrasted with 2012 when its offer was 19.1%, Nokia seen a general fall in deals numbers.

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3. Apple

Apple which just offers cell phones, stands third, offering 150.78 million units of its iPhones in 2013.

The Cupertino mammoth had a piece of the pie of 8.3%. For setting, the organization sold 130.13 million cell phones in 2012. It has a history for advancement by likewise keeping things straightforward.

4. LG

This South Korean hardware goliath enrolled a minor development of 0.5 rate indicates in piece of the overall industry charge 3.8% out of 2013.

The organization sold 69.02 million cell phones, an ascent contrasted with around 58 million units it sold in 2012. LG has climbed one position contrasted with a year ago.

5. ZTE

Chinese system gear and gadgets major ZTE was the fifth biggest versatile handset merchant.

The organization sold 59. 89 million telephones, directing a 3.3% piece of the overall industry, and enlisting a decrease of 0.6 rate focuses.

It had sold 67.34 million telephones, a year ago. A year ago, ZTE was the fourth biggest cell phone creator. This is one of the world’s best mobile phone companies 2017.

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6. Huawei

The other Chinese organization with a striking logo, Huawei, saw an expansion in the offers of its cell phones. The organization figured out how to offer 53.29 million units in 2013 with a piece of the overall industry of 2.9%.

It had sold 47.28 million telephones in 2012. Huawei was the 6th biggest cell phone organizations, even a year ago.

7. TCL

The Chinese multinational organization that offers telephones under the Alcatel mark name, sold 49.53 million units of cell phones in 2013.

The organization enlisted a piece of the overall industry of 2.7%. It had sold 37.17 million telephones in 2012.

8. Lenovo

Lenovo has been as of late in the news for gaining Motorola handset business from Google. The organization, which is a key player in the Chinese market, figured out how to offer 45.28 million cell phones in 2013.

It has a piece of the overall industry of 2.5%, an expansion contrasted with 2012 when its offer was 1.6%. Lenovo is another participant in the best 10 uprooting BlackBerry.

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9. Sony

One of the real Android cell phone creators, Sony was among the tail-enders among cell phone producers regarding unit deals.

The organization simply sold 37.59 million telephones enlisting a piece of the overall industry of 2.1%, in 2013.

The Japanese goliath had sold 31.39 million telephones in 2012. Sony was not some portion of the best 10 list, a year ago.

10. Yulong

The Chinese gadget producer that offers telephones under the Coolpad mark was the tenth biggest cell phone creator as far as unit deals in 2013.


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