This is how a 6 years old girl explained green color to a blind man


Once upon a period there was a man who was visually impaired from his introduction to the world.

He needed to recognize what hues look like and this was something which was truly making him inquisitive about taking a gander at things. As he couldn’t see anything soon his interest got changed over into dissatisfaction.

He regularly used to stroll up to an adjacent stop and stay there for quite a long time unobtrusively.

His interest began expanding at a quick pace thus did his disappointment. A ton of kids used to play around him yet one of the 6 years of age young ladies watched him on the regular schedule, sitting unobtrusively and contemplating something. His dismal eyes and poker confront gave her a clue that there was something that was upsetting him. It had been around 15 days that she was taking a gander at him like that; she soon couldn’t hold her inquiries inside and chose to converse with him about his concern.

This is how a 6 years old girl explained green color to a blind man

She went up to him and inquired as to whether there was anything he was miserable going to which he answered “I am a visually impaired man and I simply need to recognize what GREEN COLOR is”.

The young lady got truly confounded that how might some individual depict a shading to somebody. She had no answer of answer so she unobtrusively left from that point.




She didn’t go to the recreation center for the following five days which additionally pestered the visually impaired man. After these 5 long days the young lady came to him with an answer. She requested that the visually impaired man go to the recreation center at 5 in the morning, she additionally requesting that he tune in to everything that she says after she guaranteed to give him a solution to his inquiry.

According to what the young lady said the man achieved the recreation center at 5 in the morning on a similar seat where he generally used to sit. The young lady came to him and requesting that he expel his shoes; the man got confounded however recalled that the young lady had put forth not to ask any inquiries. He expelled his shoes and as he did that the young lady held his hand and took him on the grass. The man all of a sudden grinned as he touched the morning grass with dew on it. The young lady said this new grass in the morning which has touched his heart is the GREEN COLOR. She additionally included that the dew the grass is the GREEN COLOR. She requesting that he confront upwards and feel the breeze around him, his grin expanded. She said that however this breeze has no shading yet just in the event that it had, it would have been the GREEN COLOR.

She disclosed to him that hues are excellent thus lovely that they have no words made for them which can characterize them in an indistinguishable grandness from their appearance. She said that hues are intended to be felt and not communicated.

This touched the core of the man and he at long last found the solution to every one of his inquiries, perplexities and inquiries.


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