Things you should Avoid to Become a Real Lady


Things you should Avoid to Become a Real Lady

Some of us consider the etiquette rules to be outdated and very old-fashioned. Isn’t it?? But, good manners and etiquettes never go out of style. If you want to be taken solemnly, you should know there are few things that can ruin your image of being a true lady. So remember these things you should avoid to become a real lady.

Making fashion mistakes

You would never see a true lady wearing an oversized clothes or a pair of overly tight shorts. She always chooses the right types of clothes as that say a lot about her style. She would never wear loose clothes just because they’re comfortable.

Wearing too much makeup

things you should avoid to become a real lady


If a woman pays special attention to skincare, her skin looks amazing. She knows exactly what makes her face stand out and always uses makeup accordingly.

She is always in the spotlight, and she looks absolutely gorgeous even without makeup on her face.

Being rude and spreading rumors

Being rude and gossiping are taboos for a true lady. It’s beneath her. Neither would she listen to someone else’s whining and gossiping.

Leaving an umbrella open to dry

Things you should Avoid to Become a Real Lady 1


A very common mistake made by most of the ladies. Don’t abandon your umbrella open to dry. Close it before entering any house or building. Jiggle the water off, and hang it to dry.

Refusing food and drinks offered by a host

A true lady is the one who would never refuse food and drinks offered to her. It’s okay not to eat at all and just to take a sip of wine.

Blowing on your food to cool it down

Things you should Avoid to Become a Real Lady 2


It’s not acceptable to blow on your food, which is why a true lady waits for it to cool down naturally. To make the food cool down more quickly, try stirring it with a spoon.

Responding to another person’s sneeze by saying “Bless you.”

Many people respond to someone else’s sneeze by saying “Bless you,” but this is only acceptable if the sneezer is a close friend or family member.

In rest cases, ignore it as if you didn’t notice anything unusual.

Eating on the go

Things you should Avoid to Become a Real Lady 3


Etiquette rules say you need to use cutlery when you’re at the table.

If you’re in a hurry, try not to eat on the go. It doesn’t suit a true lady. The best idea is to rearrange your tight schedule to find a couple of minutes for at least a decent cup of coffee.

Being too honest

Opening up with stranger has nothing to do with the image of a lady.

But a true lady is never too much when it comes to communicating with new people. She doesn’t share much details of her life.

Talking and laughing loudly

Things you should Avoid to Become a Real Lady 4


It’s very vital to watch out the tone of your voice. Laughing loudly, yelling, and offensive language are truly not acceptable.

No matter if it’s your grandmother, your 3-year-old, or a president, take the same tone of voice with everyone.

Being too fussy

A true lady knows how to take control of her habits. She’d never play with her hair, shake her leg, or let any other fidgety behaviour ruin her reputation.

A true lady knows to manage and find time for everything.

Wearing poor-quality fake designer items

Things you should Avoid to Become a Real Lady 5


You don’t need to spend all the money on any expensive designer clothes or bag. But if you can’t afford it, then buying a much cheaper version or copy of it is not a good option. A replica, even of a good quality, can be easily spotted. Choose stylish as well as high-quality clothing items that you can easily afford. They don’t need to be made by any of the famous designer only and same applies to accessories and jewellery.

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