Well known, politically associated – and now a convict: 10 things about Ram Rahim


A CBI court in Panchkula on Friday held Dera Sach Sauda head Gurmeet Ram Rahim blameworthy of assaulting two of his previous supporters. Here are things about Ram Rahim.

The questionable so called otherworldly pioneer’s devotees went out of control after the decision was declared, driving security powers to scatter swarms with lathi charge and poisonous gas.


Here are 10 things about Ram Rahim think about the showy, overwhelming baba:

1) Ram Rahim’s starting points

The so called godman originates from a Jat Sikh group of Gurusar Modiya town in Sriganganagar area of Rajasthan. Conceived in August 1967, Ram Rahim was started into the faction at age seven by his antecedent Shah Satnam Singh Maharaj.

2) Anointed at 23

He was blessed the order head when he was scarcely 23. Having hitched early, the Dera head is said to have relinquished his own life for open administration, and in this way very little is thought about it.

3) The prescience behind his anointment

As indicated by Dera writers, the group’s first mater Shah Mastana, in his last profound talk in 1960, had demonstrated that seven years after the fact he would resurrect as the third ace of the order.

At first the supporters couldn’t get a handle on his comments. In any case, a parallel was drawn after the sangat (adherents) found that Ram Rahim was conceived in 1967.

4) Ram Rahim, the youngster wonder

Smash Rahim is viewed as a ‘kid wonder’ by his adherents. The ysay he exceeded expectations in everything and even learnt driving when he was eight. Sincere supporters swear that however Ram Rahim’s concentrated up to secondary school, his otherworldly forces guaranteed that he exceeded expectations in numerous errands.

“One can see him acting in motion pictures, tossing a spear or playing football, murmuring a religious number. An individual needs monstrous vitality and ability to complete such huge numbers of errands,” says a Dera director. His attack into the universe of silver screen as the ‘Delegate of God’ was likewise an endeavor to give him an overwhelming picture.

5) First brush with contention

Slam Rahim’s first brush with discussion was in 2002 when a mysterious letter, purportedly composed by a sadhvi, charged sexual misuse of lady devotees in the Dera. The issue was tested by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and the decision for the situation will be articulated by the CBI court in Panchkula on Friday (August 25).

6) Criminal past

The focal office is likewise exploring into several more cases including Ram Rahim. These incorporate the asserted murder of a Dera supporter, Ranjit Singh, who had apparently talked against the Dera head, a murder case relating to the executing of a Sirsa-based writer, Ram Chander Chhatarpati whose ‘Poora Sach’ vernacular was vociferous about Dera’s “unlawful exercises”.

Dera devotees and overseers in the past have guarded the cases, saying their de-fixation battles did not run down well with many prompting such schemes. They additionally accuse governmental issues and legislators for their inconveniences.

7) Political clout

Since the Dera has an enormous after, Ram Rahim appreciates colossal political clout. Lawmakers of all shades approach the Dera make a beeline for look for his “gifts” amid the races and the Dera additionally obliges them entire heartedly. Truth be told, its turn to have a political illicit relationships wing demonstrates the Dera’s developing political yearnings of the faction. In the 2014 gathering races in Haryana, the Dera turned out in the help of the BJP, a factor which tilted the scales for the saffron party and helped it frame the administration all alone surprisingly.

8) Controversy’s top pick

A criminal body of evidence was stopped against Ram Rahim in 2007 in the wake of his asserted demonstration of mirroring the tenth Sikh Guru Gobind Singh at an open capacity in Salabatpura, Bathinda that rankled the Sikh Panthic bodies.

The occurrence set off across the board brutal conflicts between radical Sikhs and Dera devotees in Punjab and Haryana. As the radicals requested his head, the Dera boss had a near disaster in February 2008 when his procession was assaulted in Karnal. Afterward, a Khalistan Liberation Force (KLF) agent and six others were captured and condemned to detainment for the situation.

The eventual outcomes of the contention resounded for a long time as Sikhs and premis (Dera devotees) conflicted on numerous occasions, making niggling peace circumstance.

9) Humanitarian work

The Dera has its offer of awards and brickbats. While the socio-otherworldly association has earned acclaim for compassionate work, for example, blood gift, eye gift, restoration of whores, help operations amid catastrophes.

10) Conviction

After the CBI’s court arrange today, which implies Ram Rahim could confront up to 7 years in jail, savagery broke out as his supporters pelted stones and set fire to flame motors and OB vans close to the site. The court will report the quantum of the discipline on Monday.


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