Space for 1.2m Titles – “Ocean of Books” Library Opens in China


Inconceivable “Ocean of Books” Library Opens in China

MVRDV as a team with nearby engineers TUPDI has finished the Tianjin Binhai Library, a 33,700m2 (362,744 sq ft) social focus including a glowing round assembly room around which floor-to-roof shelves course. The undulating bookshelf is the building’s primary spatial gadget, and is utilized both to outline the space and to make stairs, seating, the layered roof and even louvers on the façade. Tianjin Binhai Library was planned and worked in a record-breaking time of just three years because of a tight timetable forced by the neighborhood region. By numerous media rooms it offers space for 1.2 million books.

Ocean of Books Library Opens in China


The library was dispatched by Tianjin Binhai Municipality and is situated in the social focus of Binhai area in Tianjin, a beach front city outside Beijing, China. The library, found nearby a recreation center, is one of a bunch of five social structures composed by a universal framework of planners including Bernard Tschumi Architects, Bing Thom Architects, HH Design and MVRDV. All structures are associated by an open passageway underneath a glass shade outlined by GMP. Inside the GMP masterplan MVRDV was given a strict volume inside which all outline was concentrated.

The building’s mass expels upwards from the site and is ‘punctured’ by a round assembly room in the inside. Bookshelves are showed on either side of the circle and go about as everything from stairs to seating, notwithstanding proceeding with the roof to make a lit up geography. These shapes additionally proceed with the two full glass veneers that associate the library to the recreation center outside and people in general passageway inside, filling in as louvers to secure the inside against over the top daylight while likewise making a brilliant and uniformly lit inside.

Space for 1.2m Titles - "Ocean of Books" Library Opens in China 1


“The Tianjin Binhai Library inside is nearly surrender like, a ceaseless bookshelf. Not having the capacity to touch the building’s volume we ‘rolled’ the ball formed assembly hall requested by the brief into the building and the building essentially made space for it, as an ’embrace’ amongst media and information” says Winy Maas, prime supporter of MVRDV. “We opened the working by making an excellent open space inside; another urban family room is its middle. The bookshelves are awesome spaces to sit and in the meantime take into consideration access to the upper floors. The points and bends are intended to fortify diverse employments of the space, for example, perusing, strolling, meeting and talking about. Together they frame the ‘eye’ of the working: to see and be seen.”

Tianjin Binhai Library


The five level building additionally contains broad instructive offices, displayed along the edges of the inside and available through the principle chamber space. Open program is bolstered by underground administration spaces, book stockpiling, and an extensive chronicle. Starting from the earliest stage guests can without much of a stretch access perusing zones for youngsters and the elderly, the theater, the principle entrance, terraced access to the floors above and association with the social complex. The first and second floors comprise principally of perusing rooms, books and parlor zones while the upper floors additionally incorporate meeting rooms, workplaces, PC and sound rooms and two rooftop top porches.

"Ocean of Books" Library Opens in China


The library is MVRDV’s most quick track undertaking to date. It took only three years from the main portray to the opening. Because of the given consummation date site removal instantly took after the outline stage. The tight development plan constrained one basic piece of the idea to be dropped: access to the upper bookshelves from rooms put behind the chamber. This change was made locally and against MVRDV’s recommendation and rendered access to the upper retires as of now unimaginable. The full vision for the library might be acknowledged later on, yet until the point that at that point punctured aluminum plates printed to speak to books on the upper racks. Cleaning is done through ropes and mobile platform.

Tianjin Binhai Library was worked by the Chinese Green Star vitality effectiveness mark and has accomplished two star status. MVRDV teamed up with Tianjin Urban Planning and Design Institute (TUPDI), auxiliary specialists Sanjiang Steel Structure Design, TADI inside draftsmen and Huayi Jianyuan lighting outline. It is the second acknowledged MVRDV venture in Tianjin following TEDA Urban Fabric, finished in 2009.

This wonderful “ocean of books” library opens in China. So whenever you get the chance to visit China then definitely have a glimpse there as well.

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