Raheesh Khatri: The New ‘Boy-Wonder’ Of Motorsports


Raheesh Khatri, a small young man from South Mumbai is not a consistent child. He frequently goes to class and has numerous scholarly accomplishments to his name yet what separates him from different children of his age is his enthusiastic enthusiasm for daredevilry.

Truly, you heard it right! Raheesh is an infant explosive stick, he has lived up on his qualities and has as of late been given the title of The Youngest Drag racer on the planet.

he as of now hold the record for being the Youngest Moto-cross racer in India.

Similar to his dad, Mudassar Khatri’s enthusiasm, motorsports hustling, Raheesh too took after his dad’s strides at a youthful age to satisfy his energy of eager dashing.

Raheesh Khatri hones week after week at the I-Land hustling school in Wadala yet never gives it a chance to influence his scholastics. His diligent work hasn’t gone unnoticed; he was delegated as ‘The World’s Youngest Drag Racer’ after a valley run directed at Aamby Valley City close Lonavala. This record was before held by Amber Bell, an eight year old young lady from London. Is most astounding that Raheesh has no earlier preparing in racing; he was usual to moto-cross dashing which is marginally extraordinary in system and style contrasted with races.


Raheesh Khatri


To clarify better why this accomplishment is so excellent let us comprehend what racing and moto-cross hustling really mean. Racing occurs on a straight extend of landing area while moto-cross hustling happens on an extraordinarily planned circuit.

The heaviness of these bicycles is far too overwhelming to be in any way controlled by a little tyke, yet Raheesh moves them effortlessly. Moto cross dashing includes hopping a few feet noticeable all around and sliding over raised areas of the track. Racing is like muscle auto hustling; these bicycles have colossal drive in them and accomplish very quick speeds close to throttling.

For a tyke to have the capacity to oversee such systems easily is exceptionally estimable. With future sponsorships Raheesh has the capacity of conveying remote brands to India and feature our nation as an engine biking paradise for adolescents. Brands, for example, Yamaha are as of now inspired by advancing his ability. Raheesh began rehearsing on his Yamaha PW-80 at six years old. From that point forward nobody could prevent him from flying high! He met all requirements for cycle 2 of the All India Biking Championship as of late. He reveres Valentino Rossi and the drag ruler Rickey Gadson. Watch out for him! He is set to be a donning hotshot in the coming years.


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