This Kid Played Round Of Golf With President Trump Here His Amazing Story


Before President Trump got himself chose, he was a land big shot with an extraordinary place in his heart for greens Here is Adam Levin’s story in his own words played round of golf with president trump

My family were individuals at the Trump National golf in Briarcliff Manor, NY. I had quite recently turned 14 years of age and was playing in my first club title. Trump constantly played round of golf with president trump in the club title. He had already won no less than one year. He was thought to be a truly decent player however everybody knew he misrepresented how great he was.

There were caddies at the club and my family and I coexisted well with them. They regularly used to disclose to us that Donald’s caddy would dependably cheat for him – settle his untruths, check his score superior to anything it was, and so forth.

I was an entirely decent player and lovely into golf, so I needed to win. played round of golf with president trump I was coordinated with Trump in the first round. We played 18 holes together in round of golf with president trump coordinate play (which means each opening considers a point).

We were backpedaling and forward on the front nine, and after nine holes we were tied. At that point on the tenth gap I guided it into a risk and keeping in mind that I was investigating the ground, I touched the grass which is a punishment. Donald Trump called the punishment. I think his caddy must’ve been viewing on the grounds that it is extremely unlikely he’d have been watching that intently. The punishment was loss of that gap. So I was 1 down with 8 to play.

played round of golf with president trump

On the eleventh opening, I was before the green after two shots. My ball stamp was in the middle of my ball and the gap so I praised the discount with my putter. That is against the guidelines since I wasn’t on the green. He called another punishment on me. Another gap lost on account of punishment. 2 down with 7 to play.

He beat me on the twelfth and thirteenth gaps. Presently I’m 4 down with 5 to play. We had not been talking much amid the coordinate to this point, just unobtrusively contending. At that point on the fourteenth tee, while we were holding up to jump start, he ended the quiet and said so anyone might hear to the 15 or 20 individuals inside the region: “The child set up a decent battle, didn’t he?”

I simply didn’t react. The rival in me realized that it wasn’t over until the point that it was finished. He realized that too yet he just couldn’t leave behind the chance to brag. We tied the fourteenth gap. I was 4 down with 4 to play. I needed to win the majority of the last 4 openings to tie him after 18 holes and send the match to additional gaps.

This must be one of the amazing performance by a CEO (asia’s wealthiest man Jack Ma)

He hit the ball in the water on 15. I won. On sixteen, he played a poor opening and I won once more. I won both 17 and 18, not playing marvelously. He essentially had an emergency. We went to a sudden passing playoff. We tied the main additional opening. At that point on the second additional opening I played the gap well and he played it outrageously thus I won.

He was embarrassed to the point that he didn’t salute me or say anything. He shook my hand without looking. It was certainly the discussion of the club for some time


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