Places in Your House You Shouldn’t Clean That Often


No matter how well we clean, our homes are full of bacteria, germs, dirt, and all kinds of invisible particles. If there were an easy way to quantify just how many there are, even the most blase among us would make a swift shift to full-on germaphobe mode. There are many Places in Your House You Shouldn’t Clean That Often.


Places in Your House You Shouldn’t Clean That Often


Household things to be done Everyday


Wipe dry the stainless steel sink to avoid any hard water stains.

Bathroom tiles: use a window squeegee to prevent bathroom mold.

Dishes: never leave dirty dishes overnight, and don’t let them soak for too long. Dirty water is a bacteria-friendly environment.

Dining tables and kitchen counters should be cleaned regularly with a damp cloth to remove any food remnants.

Laundry: Wash your clothes every day as bacteria can multiply in dirty stuff.

Mop: First, dry mop or vacuum the floor, and then clean with a slightly damp mop.


Household things to be done Once a week

Places in Your House You Shouldn’t Clean That Often


Bedsheets need to be washed separately from your clothes once a week.

Clean bathroom cabinets and wall storage shelves with disinfectant solution, and keep toothbrushes in closed containers.

Furniture: use microfiber cloths to clean your furniture.

Trash cans: You should regularly clean out trash cans even if you have trash bag liners. Both indoor and outdoor trash can need to be washed out regularly.

Remove grease stains from kitchen appliances using dishwashing liquid and warm water.

Clean kitchen and bathroom faucets, make sure to use products that don’t contain chlorine or strong acids.

Door knobs and light switches: Start wiping them down with a non-toxic disinfectant during your regular cleaning to stop the spread of germs. White vinegar is a great non-toxic disinfectant.


Household things to be done Once a month


For microwaves, use baking soda as it cleans and fights odor too.

Oven: before cleaning with detergents, preheat it for 20 minutes.

Blinds and air vents: before turning to soap and water, vacuum the grates using low suction power.

Use static dusters or any other soft brushes to clean wall sconces and floor lamps.


Household things to be done Every 3-6 month



Refrigerator: with baking soda, get rid of smells and leave your fridge perfectly clean.

Pillows, blankets, and mattresses: if you can’t clean them properly, at least leave them out in the sun for a few hours to get rid of dust mites.

Kitchen stove hood filters: dip them in boiling water for a couple of minutes. Clean with dishwashing soap, and rinse thoroughly.


Household things to be done Once a year


Carpets and upholstery: use special cleaners to remove dirt and stains.

Windows: never wash windows on a sunny day because cleaning solutions applied to hot glass dry too quickly, leaving more streaks.

Curtains: depending on the fabric type, wash curtains in your washing machine or use a steamer.


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