Top 10 Most Spoken Languages in World – Know where Hindi and English comes in Terms of Native Speakers

most spoken languages in world

A rundown of 10 Most Spoken Languages in World in term of Native Speakers of that Language. Look at which are most utilized languages around the world. There are approximately 6,500 talked dialects on the planet today. Be that as it may, around 2,000 of those dialects have less than 1,000 speakers.

This rundown comprise of dialects which are utilized and talked by most number of individuals on the planet. Taking in a dialect in School and school don’t tally in this rundown. Utilizing a dialect in everyday life makes it local dialect and these are most spoken languages in world.

10 Common and Most Spoken Languages in World

most spoken languages in world


1. Mandarin

Number of Mandarin Speaking Population – 935 Million. i.e. 14.1% of World Total Population.

Mandarin is the official dialect of China and one of the four authority dialects of Singapore.

2. Spanish

Number of Spanish Speaking Population – 390 Million. 5.85% of World Total Population.

Spanish is second most talked dialects in world. It is authentic dialect of Spain and 19 other nations. It is one of the six authority dialects of the United Nations, and it is utilized as an official dialect by the European Union.

3. English

Number of English Speaking Population – 365 Million. 5.52% of World Total Population.

English which is third most talked dialects in world is authentic dialect in 67 nations.

4. Hindi

Number of Hindi Speaking Population – 295 Million. 4.46% of World Total Population.

Hindi is broadly utilized and most talked dialect in India. It positions fourth in the rundown of most basic local dialect on the planet.

5. Arabic

Number of Arabic Speaking Population – 280 Million. 4.43% of World Total Population.

6. Portuguese

Number of Portuguese Speaking Population – 205 Million. 3.08% of World Total Population.

7. Bengali

Number of Bengali Speaking Population – 200 Million. 3.05% of World Total Population.

8. Russian

Number of Russian Speaking Population – 160 Million. 2.42% of World Total Population.

9. Japanese

Number of Japanese Speaking Population – 125 Million. 1.92% of World Total Population.

Japanese is legitimate dialect of Japan and is broadly utilized as a part of the nation.

10. Punjabi

Number of Punjabi Speaking Population – 95 Million. 1.44% of World Total Population.

It is utilized as local dialect in the Punjab territory of India and Pakistan.


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