Look at these top 10 highest paid EPL players

Wayne Rooney

EPL remains for English Premier League and it is the most taken after association on the planet. I won’t miss a possibility of watching English Premier League. The EPL is broadcasted more than 10 months into 730 million homes. An aggregate of 3037 million individuals watch and take after the alliance which demonstrates the adoration for individuals towards EPL. Each group needs to be aggressive. So the proprietors are constantly prepared to contribute a great deal of cash for the players. Top class players acquire more cash. That is a general law. Better is your diversion, higher is your gaining. Here I have made a rundown of best 10 highest paid EPL players of the world 2017 and tallied them down from 10 to 1. Experience the rundown to find out about the players.

Top 10 highest paid EPL players

10. Raheem Shaquille Sterling – MANCHESTER CITY

highest paid players in EPL


Raheem Shaquille Sterling was conceived on 8 December 1994 in Kingston, Jamaica. He plays as a winger or assaulting midfielder for Manchester City and England. He is likewise a previous player of Liverpool. He has spoken to England in less than 16, 17, 19 and 21 classifications. In 2014 he got the Golden Boy grant. He is exceptionally notable for his spilling aptitudes and pace. In August 2016, he won Premier alliance player of the month. He gains 185k pounds per week, one of the highest paid EPL players.


David de Gea


David De Gea Quintana was conceived on 7 November 1990 in Madrid, Spain. He is an expert goalkeeper and plays for Manchester United and the National group of Spain. He is additionally considered as a standout amongst other goalkeepers at exhibit. He is known for his nerve, self-restraint and fearlessness. He is consistently commended and upheld by previous goalkeepers. He likewise played for Spain’s under 17 group and helped them to win 2007 European Championship and completed as sprinters up in 2007 world container. He is thought to be the fruitful successor of Iker Casillas. He wins 185,000 pounds every week.

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8. Mesut Ozil – ARSENAL

Mesut Ozil


Mesut Ozil was conceived on fifteenth October 1988 in Gelsenkirchen, West Germany. He is an assaulting midfielder who plays for Arsenal and national squad of Germany. He is likewise a previous player of Schalke 04, Werder Bremen and Real Madrid. He has additionally played for U19 and U21 German national group. He is a speedy and inventive player who is actually solid. He has a decent control, development, passing extent and exceptionally precise intersection capacity. He wins 190k pounds per week, is one of the highest paid players in EPL.

7. David Josue Jimenez Silva – MAN CITY

David Josue Jimenez Silva


David Josue Jimenez Silva was conceived on eighth January 1986 in Arguineguin, Spain. He plays as a winger or assaulting midfielder for Manchester city and Spanish national football squad. He is a previous player of Valencia, Eiber and Celta. He is a left footed player. He is in fact sound. He is dexterous, gifted player with great spilling abilities. He has great levelheadedness, vision, exactness and the capacity to peruse the diversion and control its beat. He gains 200k pounds per week, is among highest paid EPL players.

6. Eden Michael Hazard – CHELSEA

Eden Michael Hazard


Eden Michael Hazard was conceived in La Louviere, Belgium on 7 January, 1991. He plays as a winger or assaulting midfielder for Chelsea and Belgium. He is generally recognized for his speed, imagination and specialized capacities. He has played for Lille too. He is likewise said to be extraordinary compared to other players of the world for his magnificent passing capacities. He is a player who can utilize the two feet. His pace is shocking and his specialized capacity is entrancing. It is exceptionally hard to take the ball from him for his rivals and he has every one of the qualities to wind up noticeably the best player of the world. He procures 220k pounds per week.

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5. Gnegneri Yaya Toure – MAN CITY

Gnegneri Yaya Toure


Gnegneri Yaya Toure was conceived on thirteenth May, 1983 in Bouake, Ivory Coast. He is a midfielder in Man City and Ivory Coast. He is a previous player of Beveren, Metalurh Donetsk, Olympiacos, Monaco and Barcelona. He is the skipper of his national side. He is an adaptable and finish midfielder and continues changing amongst hostile and cautious positions. He is additionally known for his stamina and pace and is called ‘human prepare’ and a ‘mammoth’. He has a decent speed, vision, passing reach and great control. He gains 240,000 seven days. He is among the world’s top 10 highest paid EPL players 2017.

4. Sergio Leonel – MAN CITY

Sergio Leonel


Sergio Leonel Aguero was conceived in second June 1988 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is a striker in Man City and Argentina national football group. He is a previous player of Independiente and Atletico Madrid. He has a decent vision, strategic insight and passing capacity. His pace, situating, system and objective scoring capacity are broadly recognized. He is sharp, smart, coordinated and effective. He can strike utilizing the two feet and is sound in spilling aptitudes and close control. He procures 240k pounds per week,  is among the most highest paid EPL players.

3. Zlatan Ibrahimovic – MAN UNITED

Zlatan Ibrahimović


Zlatan Ibrahimovic was conceived on third October 1981 in Malmo, Sweden. He is a striker who plays for Man United and Swedish national group. He is a previous player of Malmo FF, Ajax, Juventus, Inter Milan, Barcelona, Milan and Paris Saint Germain. Zlatan is tall, speedy and deft. He has great elevated capacities. He has a decent objective scoring capacities and strikes the ball intensely and is exceptionally forceful. He is additionally exceptionally aerobatic and considers Brazilian legend Ronaldo as his object of worship. He acquires 250k pounds per week.

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2. Wayne Mark Rooney – MAN UNITED


Wayne Mark Rooney was conceived on 24 October 1985 in Croxteth, Liverpool, England. He plays as a forward, midfielder for Man United and England national side. He is a previous player of Everton. He is fiery, inventive and in fact sound. Despite the fact that he is short contrasted with others, he has great flying abilities. He is adaptable and can play anyplace along the forefront. He has a decent vision and passing capacity. He is a precise finisher and heavenly capable striker of the ball. He can score from volleys, inside and outside punishment zone. He has a high stamina, work rate and commitment. He acquires 260,000 pounds per week and is one of the highest paid EPL players.

1. Paul Labile Pogba – MAN UNITED

Paul Labile Pogba, highest paid EPL players


Paul Labile Pogba was conceived on 15 March 1993 in Lagny-sur-Marne, France. He plays as a midfielder for Man United and the national side of France. He is a previous player of Juventus. He can play as an assailant and in addition a protector. He is effective, inventive, skilful and actually stable. He can strike the ball effectively and precisely and has great flying capacities. His spilling abilities and pace are broadly recognized. He acquires 290,000 pounds per week.


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