Jackie Chan Says That ‘Rush Hour 4’ Will Happen, But Only If Chris Tucker Agrees


We know that Rush Hour is practically more than two decades old, despite everything I think that its silly as ever. I watch the set of three at any rate once every month, and in the event that you don’t trust me, I can basically cite it all. It’s recently so great!

Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker are a match made in real life comic drama.

Jackie Chan is turning out with another film called The Foreigner, and truly, it looks so great. He did a meeting to advance it, and obviously, you can’t do a meeting with Jackie Chan without getting some information about Rush Hour.

We as a whole know Rush Hour 1, 2, and 3, however shouldn’t something be said about Rush Hour 4? I know it may push it, yet the fans need to know. Jackie uncovered, “Throughout the previous seven years, we’ve been turning down the content, turning down the content. Recently, we simply concurred.” Okay, I just shouted!

Despite the fact that he may have said yes, he said the film will just experience if Chris Tucker says yes.


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