Important Life Lessons From The Mahabharata You Should Learn

The richness of the Indian culture, ideologies and morals are taken from the teachings of the two major Hindu mythologies i.e. Mahabharata and Ramayana. All the happenings in the Mahabharata renders priceless teachings about philosophy and devotion that actually can provide solutions to various problems in our life. We are living in an materialistic world that have become devoid of our social and cultural values. Despite living life as per our will, we are still not able to find happiness and a peace of mind. There are various important life lessons from the Mahabharata we should learn.


Important Life Lessons From The Mahabharata you should learn


1. Bad company can ruin your life beyond the imagination

Important Life Lessons From The Mahabharata


One of the main characters responsible for the whole war episode was Shakuni, the uncle of the Kauravas. He always took chance of creating negativity in the minds of the Kauravas against the Pandavas. He played with their minds with his corrupt plans and eventually influenced them to have a war with the Pandavas. But at the end, his propagations and instigations led in complete destruction of the Kauravas. So we need to stay away from negative people who are great at passing on their negative vibes if we want to attain success in life.


2. Being a woman does not make you a lesser individual

Draupadi was manipulated into taking five husbands, she was humiliated by the Kauravas for the fault of her own husband. She was violated but she was bold enough to take a stand. She ensured she got justice by vowing to wash her hair with the blood of Duryodhana and Dushanana–perhaps another reason that led to the war. So always take your stand and fight for what is right.


3. One must perform his duty

Krishna opens his mouth and shows the entire cosmos to Arjuna. Krishna tells Arjuna that Dharma is rock-like (Dhar) and pliable like wax (Flowing). It is your natural and binding duty. It is of ethical nature and you are born with it. A king’s dharma is to perform his kingly duties. So never run from your duties and perform all with your kind heart.


4. Stand For Yourself

The Pandavas were never disappointed being small in number in comparison to Kauravas. They never accepted failure. They were brave and determined to keep fighting till they attain what they desire. It was their courageous attitude that they were able to win the battle. You too need to be brave in real life and stand for yourself and your rights and never let yourself get defeated without attempting.


5. Learning throughout life


Arjun grasped whatever came his way. Not only did he learn the best of military science from Drona, but he was also interested in learning about divine weapons from Indra. He learnt about Pashupatastra from Mahadev as well. Additionally,he treated Yudhishter and Krishna as his mentors too, and continued learning whatever they had to offer. We sometimes learn from our failures as well. This is one the very important life lessons from the Mahabharata.


6. Focus can help achieve one’s goals


When you want something in life, you must be as focused on it like Arjuna. Only this focus can make you a winner.


7. Half knowledge can be more dangerous than no knowledge

Arjuna’s son Abhimanyu teaches us how half-knowledge can have an adverse impact. While Abhimanyu knew how to enter the Chkaravyuh, he did not know the way out. He went into the complex structure of the war field without analysing how to come from there, which eventually led to his death. We sometimes take decisions on the basis of the amount of knowledge we have about that situation. But we tend to ignore the other side of the coin that can have a significant impact on our decision. Therefore, we must take decisions only when we have complete information about it.

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