How triphala can help to maintain digestive wellness??


With changing trends and fast moving lives, our food habits have undergone a drastic change and these changes in our food habits has put tremendous pressure on our health and especially on the digestive system. So it is extremely important for us to constantly look for ways of maintaining our health, which are more focussed on digestive wellness. Lets see here how triphala can help to maintain digestive wellness??

What is Triphala??

Triphala, is actually three fruits in one, in their dried and powdered form which are – Amla, Bibhitaki and Haritaki. Once all the ingredients are dried and crushed into powder, it is ready to be consumed as per choice. It is available in the form of powder (chooran), tablets and capsules. The triphala powder can also be used to make Triphala tea.

How triphala can help to maintain digestive wellness


1. Relieves constipation

Ayurveda says Triphala helps in speeding up the process of emptying the stomach and help to relieve long-standing constipation. All the three herbal ingredients of Triphala plays a vital role in taking care of our health.

2. Natural antioxidant

Triphala contains many antioxidant molecules like gallic acid, flavonoids and tannins which helps in naturally cleansing the body from within by targeting free radicals that are capable of causing cell damage.

how triphala can help to maintain digestive wellness


3. Soothes & rejuvenates gastro-intestinal tissues

The Amla in Triphala has demulcent and anti-inflammatory properties that help to rejuvenate the inner lining of the intestines. It soothes and calms the intestinal walls, relieving abdominal bloating and belching.

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4. Improves the metabolism

The herbs present in triphala help in cleansing the internal waste out of the body. At the same time, it also improves digestion by improving the metabolism.

5. Detoxifies the body

According to Ayurveda, triphala supports detoxification of stomach and colon by cleansing metabolic and digestive wastes from the body.


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