Bollywood celebrities have a really glammed up life. The luxurious living and therefore the fan base comes with a value to pay. Their life is not any additional personal and they are perpetually being snapped here and there. All of what becomes a giant reason for feeling safe right from the time they exit until the time they step back in their homes.

Highest paid bollywood bodyguards

And so, these movie industry stars have terribly dedicated and dependable bodyguards UN agency are guarding the celebs since ages. you regularly get to visualize them once the paparazzi goes crazy papping the celebs. However have you ever ever shifted your focus a touch off from the moneyed stars and puzzled concerning the remuneration that these bodyguards would be earning for his or her job?

Jitendra Singh

This is what the Bodyguards of bollywood Stars Earn 1

Needless to mention, the megastar of movie industry Amitabh Bachchan would wish a military of security guards. However his personal guard is Jitendra Singh UN agency charges associate degree annual financial gain of 1.5 crore.


highest paid bollywood bodyguards

A lot folks knowledge Salman Khan’s bodyguard is ever able to even lose his life whereas saving the adept. Shera has been the shadow to Salman for years currently and he earns about 2 crores annually.

Ravi Singh

This is what the Bodyguards of bollywood Stars Earn 2

The King of Romance, Shah Rukh Khan is way wanted worldwide. And with such a significant fanbase comes tons of security problems. His all time bodyguard is Ravi Singh UN agency in all probability earns quite any bodyguard within the business. His financial gain is that of 2.5 large integer once a year.

Yuvraj Ghorpade

This is what the Bodyguards of bollywood Stars Earn 3

Mr compulsive Aamir Khan is one movie industry actor UN agency is extremely revered in countries quite one. And his watcher, Yuvraj Ghorpade earns a large quantity of two crores yearly.


This is what the Bodyguards of bollywood Stars Earn 4

The Khiladi of the Indian industry, Akshay Kumar may be a martial creator himself. however that does not mean that he’d not would like a bodyguard for a everyday life wherever the fans follow him all over he goes. And so, his bodyguard Shreyas gets a significant financial gain within the name of Rs 1.2 crores once a year.

With such a big quantity on their pockets, we have a tendency to surprise however lavish of a life these bodyguards might need themselves.

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