Have you ever Wonder Why Do We Touch the Feet of our Elders?


India is a country of traditions, and it is widely known for the gestures of giving respect to elders. Have you ever Wonder Why Do We Touch the Feet of our Elders?

It must have happened with most of us that we are asked to take blessing from our elders by bowing in front of them and touching their feet. This immemorial tradition to touch the feet of one’s father and mother, teachers and elders is something we have always been doing. They, in return, bless us by placing their hand on or over our head.

But have you ever wondered why is this a tradition? What is the reason behind it?

As per the Indian traditions, touching the feet of our elders is an old practice which is counted as a mark of respect. But there are many people who oppose this tradition as feet are generally considered unclean. It is said that one can find other ways to convey respect to the elders.

Have you ever Wonder Why Do We Touch the Feet of our Elders?


why do we touch the feet of our elders


#1 Feet of a body are like a base of a building.

According to Speaking Tree, except for birds and some rare cases of mammals, humans are blessed with the pleasure to be able to stand erect and walk. Feet in a human body are like the base of a building as the entire weight of the person is borne by their feet.


#2 We ask for their wisdom and pay respect to their experiences.

When we bend, we lose the ego and convey respect to the age of our elders, to their wisdom, to their achievements they have received and the experiences they have gained. In return, they give us the blessing for our betterment.


#3 According to Atharvaveda…

As per the Atharvaveda, Vedic scriptures of Hinduism, when we touch the feet of elders, we actually take their permission to take their knowledge and lessons to the next generation.


#4 A circuit of positive energy is built between the seeker and the blesser.

When we touch the feet of our elders, a positive energy flows from the blesser’s feet and is transferred to the seeker in the form of goodwill and blessings. Again, when the person stretches his hand to bless the seeker, another circuit of goodwill and blessings is formed.


#5 It also increases blood circulation.

According to the sources, Charan Sparsh is a form of yoga as well. By bending when one touches the feet of our elders, it removes the pain of our knees and also stretches the waist and back. It is also said that bending for taking the blessing increases the blood circulation.

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