Fascinating Facts About Mickey Mouse You May Not Know – Read About Most Famous Cartoon Character Ever

Who don’t love notorious and well known toon character Mickey Mouse. We present to you some intriguing actualities and facts about mickey mouse which are not known to everyone.

Fascinating Facts About Mickey Mouse

1. Glad Birthday of Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse’s birthday is November eighteenth, 1928, which unintentionally is additionally Minnie Mouse’s birthday. So in fact they are both 87 years of age.

2. Initially Word Ever From His Mouth

“Frank” in his ninth short motion picture The Karnival Kid, in July 1929.

3. Closet Of Mickey and Minnie


Mickey Mouse has wore more than 175 unique outfits. His lady Minnie notwithstanding, who has showed up in far less scenes has beat him with a strong 200 outfits.

4. Why Four Fingers?

That is on account of as per Walt Disney, to spare time and thus cash, they needed to renounce a finger on each hand of these approximately 6.5 moment shorts which comprised of more than 45,000 illustrations. He likewise felt that 4 fingers on each hand were more well-suited for a mouse.

5. Full name Of Mr. Mickey

Mickey Mouse’s fullname is Michael Thedore Mouse, which is uncovered by the French comic La Planete Des Cerveaux.

6. Voice Was Given By… ..

Facts About Mickey Mouse


Walt Disney himself voiced both Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse from 1929 to 1946.

7. Walt Disney’s Fear

Walt Disney, the maker of Mickey and Minnie Mouse, was lamentably anxious of mice. The main reason he made these characters was on account of notwithstanding his unreasonable dread, he observed them to be extremely thoughtful animals.

8. Thanksgiving Parade


He was the principal toon character to ever lead the parade, which occurred in 1935, as a mammoth 55 foot tall inflatable.

9. Mortimer Mouse rather than Mickey Mouse

Walt Disney had settled on the name Mortimer for the notorious Mouse himself, before his significant other persuaded him to transform it to Mickey, guaranteeing that it would be more prevalent that way. Late Mortimer ended up noticeably greatest opponent of Mickey.

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