Unknown Facts About Salman Khan Of Khan Academy


Take in all you need to think about Salman Khan of Khan Academy who is inclining worldwide for his magnanimous work towards the advancement of training around the world. Through Khanacademy.org he give free instructional exercises to understudies in each edge of the world. We read about him and now sharing his life story and some intriguing certainties and facts about Salman Khan of Khan Academy.

10 Facts About Salman Khan Of Khan Academy

  1. Conceived in 1976 Salman Khan is child of Bangladeshi Father and Indian Mother who were relocated to US in past.

  2. Khan is exceptionally qualified person who finished his graduation with Bachelor of Science degrees in arithmetic, electrical designing, and software engineering in 1998 from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Later he went ahead to finish Master of Science in electrical designing and software engineering. He is additionally a MBA holder from Harvard Business School.

facts about Salman Khan of Khan Academy


  1. He at first acted as a Hedge Fund Analyst getting fat paycheck for his activity.

  2. In save time he used to give educational cost to his cousin utilizing Yahoo Doodle on Internet. In the interim Popularity of his instructional exercises developed quickly and he moved them to YouTube where he got astounding reaction and tributes.

  3. At last he surrendered his business to begin an online stage called KhanAcademy.org where understudies can get free instructional exercises of Maths Science and different subjects.

  4. In the principal year his recordings got 458 Million perspectives around the world. This example of overcoming adversity voyaged worldwide and Khan turned into a well known name.

  5. His instructional exercises were utilized as a part of Rural territories of Asia and Africa to give fundamental training.

  6. His work was perceived by top Businessmen and motivated reserve to extend his work. He got finances and honors from Bill and Melinda Gate Foundation, Google, Carlos Slim and numerous more trusts and establishments.

  7. In October 2010, Khan was tied for #34 in Fortune’s yearly “40 under 40”, a rundown perceiving business’ most sweltering rising stars.

Unknown Facts About Salman Khan Of Khan Academy 1


  1. In 2012, Time named Salman Khan in its yearly rundown of the 100 most persuasive individuals on the planet. Forbes magazine included Khan on its cover with the story “$1 Trillion Opportunity.”

  2. He has deciphered his site in 23 dialects and recordings have been interpreted in 65 dialects. Numerous Countries including Russia has supported Khan Academy to grow its video library in their territorial dialects.

  3. His reaction when gotten some information about what he accomplished was “With so little exertion all alone part, I can enable a boundless measure of individuals forever. I can’t envision a superior utilization of my chance”.

This was a short account of facts about Salman Khan of Khan Academy who is working for improvement of training around the world. His Achievement and assurance helped numerous youngsters gain some new useful knowledge particularly the individuals who lives in rustic regions. Like and offer his story with everybody.

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