Facts About Rajya Sabha – how much do you know about the upper house of Parliament of India

facts about Rajya Sabha

Some interesting and important facts about Rajya Sabha which is otherwise called Upper place of Parliament. Rajya Sabha Members are not chosen by individuals of India and get 6 year term in office. Read all the more such facts about Rajya Sabha underneath.

Intriguing Facts About Rajya Sabha You Should Know


facts about Rajya Sabha


  1. Rajya Sabha of India comprise of 250 Members. 12 memebers out of 250 are chosen by President of India as per their accomplishment in science, expressions, writing.

  2. Rajya Sabha Members represent to State Legislative Assembly. Each state has assigned seats for Rajya Sabha and MLA (Member of Legislative Assembly) choose Rajya Sabha MPs from their State.

  3. Relies upon the power of Party in State Legislative Assembly, Rajya Sabha individuals are chosen from those gatherings. More you have situates in Assembly, more portrayal in Rajya Sabha.

  4. Term of Rajya Sabha Members is for a 6 year. In each 2 year 1/third individuals resigns and new individuals get chose. Dissimilar to Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha can’t be broken down.

  5. Vice precident of India is the Chairman of Rajya Sabha.

  6. Individuals choose a Vice Chairman of Rajya Sabha. Pioneer of House assignment goes to PM or some other Cabinet Minister of Government, whom party chooses.

  7. The primary sitting in Rajya Sabha hung on 13 may,1952.

  8. Aside from Financial Bills, every single other Bill should be passed from Rajya Sabha.

  9. If there should arise an occurrence of Financial Bill, Rajya Sabha can just surrender suggestions which is to Lok Sabha whether they need to acknowledge it or not.

  10. On the off chance that a non budgetary Bill is dismissed by Rajya Sabha, a joint session is held. All things considered Lok Sabha Will is regularly wins due to number in Lo Sabha is more than twofold of Rajya Sabha. This makes Lok Sabha more capable than Rajya Sabha.

  11. Rajya Sabha can not bring No Confidence movement against Government, not it can vote on it.

  12. Number of Rajya Sabha seats from a state relies upon the number of inhabitants in that state. UP with 31 portrayal has most taken after by Maharashtra 19, Tamil nadu 18 and Bihar and Bengal 16.

  13. Rajya Sabha has its own particular Television station, which communicate live scope of every day procedures in house. Its head quarter is in the premises of Parliament. www.rstv.nic.in

  14. A man is qualified to end up noticeably the individual from Rajya Sabha if

  • He/She is be a resident of India
  • He/She isn’t under thirty years old
  • He/She has such different capabilities as might be recommended for that sake by or
  • under any law made by Parliament.
  • Be chosen by the Legislative Assembly of States and Union domains by methods for Single transferable vote through Proportional portrayal
  1. A Member of Rajya Sabha can Be excluded
  • On the off chance that he/she holds office of profit
  • On the off chance that he/she is of unsound personality and stands so pronounced by an equipped court
  • In the event that he/she is an undischarged insolvent
  • In the event that he/she isn’t a subject of India, or has intentionally obtained the citizenship of a remote State, or is under any affirmation of faithfulness or adherence to an outside State;
  • In the event that he/she is damaging party discipline
  • In the event that he/she is indicted a wrongdoing and granted sentence of least 2 years in Jail

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