Facts About Lok Sabha – How much do you know about the Lower house of Parliament of India


Some interesting and important realities and facts about Lok Sabha which is otherwise called Lower house of Parliament. Lok Sabha Members are chosen by people groups of India and get 5 year term in office. Read all the more such actualities and facts about Lok Sabha house.

Intriguing Facts about Lok Sabha You Should Know (Lower place of parliament)


Facts About Lok Sabha


  1. Indian Lok Sabha comprise of 545 individuals. 543 individuals are chosen through a popularity based process sorted out by Election Commission of India in at regular intervals. 2 Members are straightforwardly chosen by President of India from Anglo Indian Community.

  2. To run the Lok Sabha appropriately, a speaker and a deputy speaker is chosen from the individuals from lok Sabha. Generally part from party which is in greater part moves toward becoming Speaker and an individual from Opposition party progresses toward becoming Deputy Speaker.

  3. Bills identified with Money can be gone through Lok Sabha alone. Subsequent to passing it in Lok Sabha it is sent to Rajya Sabha for any suggestions. It doesn’t to be passed from Rajya Sabha.

  4. No Confidence motion against Government must be presented n Lok Sabha. In the event that it is passed then Prime Minister and different ministers need to resign.

  5. Any Bill for Constitutional Amendment need to go with two third dominant part in Lok Sabha. This is equivalent to Rajya Sabha the upper house of Parliament.

  6. Any Non Financial Bill presented in Lok Sabha is sent to Rajya Sabha in the wake of being passed. On the off chance that Rajya Sabha rejects the bill or hold the bill for a half year or their suggestion is dismissed in Lok Sabha then it dead lock circumstance.

  7. The deadlock circumstance is settled by joint session of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha and by basic larger part voting. As Lok sabha has twofold the quantity of Rajya Sabha, in this manner in joint session the will of Lok Sabha is regularly wins.

  8. In the event of emergency Lok Sabha can be extended out for 1 year by the President of India.

  9. 542 seats are separated by populace in each state and their social struture. A sum of 131 seats (18.42%) are saved for delegates of Scheduled Castes (84) and Scheduled Tribes (47).

  10. Lok Sabha has its own particular television station which communicate live procedures of day by day occasions in house. It is head quartered in the premises of Indian Parliament. It’s site connect is www.loksabha.tv

  11. A person is eligible to become the member of Lok Sabha if

  • He/She is be a native of India
  • He/She isn’t under 25 year of age
  • He/She has such different capabilities as might be recommended for that sake by or under any law made by Parliament
  1. An individual from Lok Sabha is excluded if
  • He/she holds office of profit
  • He/she is of unsound personality and stands so proclaimed by a skilled court
  • He/she is an undischarged insolvent
  • He/she isn’t a citizen  of India, or has willfully procured the citizenship of a remote State, or is under any affirmation of dependability or adherence to an outside State;
  • He/she is damaging party discipline
  • He/she is indicted a wrongdoing and granted sentence of least 2 years in Jail


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