Facts About Differences Between Men and Women

facts about differences between men and women

We all know that men and women are different from each other. And many of those differences stem from our biology. In healthcare, it is critically important to distinguish between men and women because they need different types of attention. These are some of the differences that you were never aware of. They’re not obvious, but they exist. And here are some facts about differences between men and women.


Facts About Differences Between Men and Women


facts about differences between men and women


  1. Women have an average life expectancy 5.3 years longer than men, largely due to better immunity, reduced risk for blood disease, and lower risk taking.
  2. Women have thinner skin than men, and are thus more prone to develop lines and wrinkles as they lose collagen from aging. Men also have a higher collagen density, which makes them look younger longer.
  3. Men literally have bigger hearts than women. A female heart is about 2/3 the size of a man’s heart, and beats fewer times per minute.
  4. When it comes to responding to emotional experiences, men only use one side of the brain while women use both sides. Women also retain a stronger memory for emotional events than men.
  5. A woman’s blood contains more water and 20% fewer red blood cells than a man’s.
  6. Blood flow in women is more concentrated around the lower extremities, while in men it’s spread more evenly. This is why women’s hands and feet get colder than men’s.
  7. Men tend to express aggression physically, while women express it verbally.
  8. Females tend to have more vertical foreheads, while male’s foreheads tend to be a sloped one.
  9. Male brains are more prone to genetic flaws, while women require more extreme genetic mutations to develop the same conditions.
  10. Women worry more than men. There is no single reason for this, but hormone differences and environmental factors play a part. On the bright side, worrying gives women an advantage when it comes to foreseeing and handling problems.
  11. Women genuinely feel more pain than men. When experiencing pain, a woman’s left part of the brain that is associated with internal functions is activated. When men experience pain, the right part is activated.
  12. The first finger of a female’s hand is usually longer than the third. With males, it’s usually the other way.
  13. Girls have 11% more neurons than boys in the brain center that control language and hearing. Not only do women hear better than men, they can also better distinguish between a broader range of emotional tones like crying.
  14. Women are better at remembering things than men. Women are also more likely to navigate using landmarks, while men navigate using direction and distances.
  15. The area of the brain that is thought to influence mathematical ability is larger in men than in women. The brain areas that control math and geometry skills also mature about four years earlier in men.


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