Do you ever wondered why do people have these most common phobias??

Everyone has their own different fears ranging from less to more, but some are much more prevalent than others. Like, many people are afraid of spiders and snakes. According to a survey, these are just two of the most common phobias that fear the people of Great Britain – but which fear comes in the first place?

Top five most common phobias are listed below


The most common phobia was a fear of heights, or acrophobia. As per the survey, 23 percent said they were very afraid of heights, and 35 percent said they were a little afraid. Studies have linked this fear to vertical perception. According to researchers, those with an extreme fear of heights overestimate vertical distances, but a solid cause-effect relationship hasn’t yet been proven between the two.

most common phobias


The respondents next fear was snakes, with 21 percent stating they were very afraid and 31 percent being only a little. Multiple studies have found that this fear may be innate and not learned, suggesting that some of us may be born afraid of the reptiles.


Then next fear was spiders. According to 18 percent of respondents who reported being very afraid of them as well as the 24 percent who were a little. The fear may also be innate, just like with snakes.


Next in the row was claustrophobia, or the fear of being closed in a small space. 14 percent of the people surveyed said they were very afraid while 29 were a little afraid. One study found that people who project their personal space beyond an arm’s reach are more likely to experience claustrophobia.


Last one was a fear of public speaking, also known as glossophobia. 20 percent of the surveyed were very afraid of speaking in front a crowd while 36 percent were a little. Depending on the person, general and social anxiety could explain this fear, as many are afraid of being judged by their audience.

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