Amazing Bollywood Actor Transformation for movie roles


To the standard purchasers, silver screen is only a three-hour film that is intended to engage or edify us. In any case, for a few others, this gem is a to a great degree genuine business. While we regularly go to outrageous lengths to demonstrate our affection (and furthermore scorn) for our Bollywood stars, they as well, frequently, go as far as possible to do exceptional work. One such part of their commitment is frequently observed by the measure of work they put into their bodies and searches for such movies. Here are a few occasions when Bollywood amazed us with its ‘Prior and then afterward’ bollywood actor transformation for movie roles .

Best Bollywood Actor Transformation for movie roles

Aamir Khan for Movie Dangal

bollywood actor transformation for movie roles


Kamal Haasan for Movie Chachi 420


Shahrukh Khan for Movie Fan


Priyanka Chopra for Movie Mary Kom


Farhan Akhtar for Movie Bhaag Milkha


Amitabh Bachchan for Movie Paa


Rishi Kapoor for Movie Kapoor & Son’s


Rangaraj Subbiah for Movie Bahubali (1&2)



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