Best Hockey Players In India – Best Indian Hockey Players of All Time


Who are the best of the best Hockey Players in India? Rundown of 10 Most prevalent and capable Indian hockey players who played for the country.

Hockey is thought to be the India’s national game. In spite of the fact that cricket is viewed as the standard session of the nation, hockey enjoys great prominence. Besides, motion pictures like Chak De India have advanced this diversion, and steps are being taken for rousing new players to enter the field. In late time India has made a great deal of progress which incorporates winning Asian Championship. In last numerous years, India has effectively prepped skilled hockey players, and this rundown is around 10 ever most noteworthy and best hockey players in India.

10 Best Hockey Players In India

1. Dhyan Chand

best hockey players in India


Major Dhyan Chand is considered as world’s most noteworthy hockey player. He delighted in an astounding record in Indian hockey history and thought to be among the best hockey players. ‘The Wizard’ was the name given to him because of his control and abilities over the ball.

2. Balbir Singh Sr.


He is respected to be a breathtaking focus forward and the second Indian player to speak to the nation winning gold decorations at three back to back Olympics. He likewise made the greatest objectives over Netherlands in 1952 Olympic Games, which is as yet unbeaten.

3. Mohammed Shahid


He is well known for his incredible spilling aptitudes. In 1980-81 he has been granted the Arjuna Award and 1986 with the Padma Shri Award. He framed an astounding association with Zafar Iqbal.

4. Dhanraj Pillay


This hockey player is viewed as one of the world’s best advances in current hockey. He is prevalent for spilling aptitudes, which was sufficiently quick to puncture over any resistance anytime.

5. Ajit Pal Singh


He is respected to be an extraordinary focus half amid his opportunity. He likewise is attributed with driving the nation to a memorable win at the 1975 Kuala Lumpur world glass competition. He was introduced in 1970 with the Arjuna Award and in 1992 with Padma Shri Award.

6. Udham Singh

He is well as the Indian group’s column and among the finest players to be created. He spoke to the nation in 4 Olympic Games and the second Indian player to win 3 golds and 1 silver award at the Olympic Games after Leslie Claudius.

7. Gagan Ajit Singh


He is Ajit Singh, the unbelievable hockey player’s child and is respected to be a successful striker. In 2001, the Indian junior group won the Jr. World Cup and in 2002 he was given the Arjuna Award.

8. Ashok Kumar


The child of Dhyan Chand was an unbelievable hockey player himself. He had excellent abilities alongside fantastic ball control. He spoke to the nation in four World Cups.

9. Leslie Claudius


He is respected to be a delightful halfback incredible player and served the nation four times.

10. Baboo Nimal

best hockey players in India


He played in fullback position and was an individual from the Indian group playing the Summer Olympics in 1936, winning Gold award.


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