HBO Has Announced That They Are Making A Fifth Round Of Game of Thrones Prequel


Season seven of Game of Thrones may have attracted to a nearby, yet the show has still been hitting the features practically consistently. Fans can’t resist the urge to estimate about what will occur next, despite the fact that season eight hasn’t started taping yet. Now HBO has announced that they are making a fifth round of game of thrones prequel.

Notwithstanding, I’m not here to enlighten you concerning another fan hypothesis. Rather, I will give you some genuine strong data about a fifth game of thrones prequel. The Seven Kingdoms of Westeros is a major place, and I for one need to find out about its history!

While it’s regular learning that four prequels are as of now in progress, HBO has now authoritatively declared that there will be a fifth game of thrones prequel. In spite of the fact that this was entirely uncovered by George R.R. Martin himself back in May when he said that a fifth author had been selected (1).

In reference to the then-mysterious author, Martin stated, “I don’t know any individual who knows and adores Westeros and additionally he does.”

game of thrones prequel


The author Martin was discussing is Bryan Cogman. On the off chance that the name sounds natural to you, that is on the grounds that he’s been a piece of the arrangement since season one, written work various scenes including scene two of season seven ‘Stormborn’.

The other four journalists will’s identity chipping away at prequels are Max Borenstein (Kong: Skull Island), Jane Goldman (Kingsman: The Golden Circle), Brian Helgeland (Legend), and Carly Wray (Mad Men, The Leftovers).

This is what we think about what these prequels may resemble up until now.

Martin has tried determining that each of the prequels which are presently in progress will be prequels and not spinoffs. What’s more is that the cast we’ve come to know and love won’t be associated with them.

The characters Ser Duncan the Tall, Aegon the Unlikely, and Dunk and Egg will likewise not be included, nor will Robert’s Rebellion. What’s more, that is as much as we’ll ever likely know, however there’s a justifiable reason explanation behind it…

After scenes from season seven were rashly released on the web, the show’s makers are presently going to outrageous lengths to guarantee this does not occur again in future, which is totally reasonable (2).

This is the thing that HBO programming president Casey Bloys said by the Morning Call.

“I know in Game of Thrones, the closure, they will shoot different forms with the goal that no one truly realizes what happens.

You need to do that on a long show. Since when you’re shooting something, individuals know. Along these lines, they will shoot numerous renditions so that there’s no genuine authoritative answer until the end.”

The creation of the show is currently so undercover, in any case, that even this hasn’t been authoritatively affirmed.

“We would prefer even not to let you know on the grounds that on the off chance that we do then someone will make sense of how to go around the things that we’re doing,” showrunner Dan Weiss said.

Given that it costs upwards of $10 million to deliver only one scene of the show, and the way that season eight is set to be the most expensive up until now, any untimely breaks would be unfathomably harming.

Discussing the recently declared essayist’s arrangement, Martin stated, “Bryan [Cogman’s] arrangement will be an adjustment, and one that will excite most enthusiasts of the books, I think, set amid an exceptionally energizing time of Westerosi history.”

Indeed, I don’t think about you, however I’m happy that Game of Thrones won’t be completely finishing after season eight has publicized.


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