6 words which you will hear only in Lucknow


Each city has its own particular quite little Swag, similar accompanies individuals of Lucknow. They regularly utilize such words which you won’t not have even heard. It resembles having our own dialect. We should get into a portion of the wackiest words utilized by them. Today we have words which you will hear only in Lucknow

hear only in lucknow

Popular and famous local words you can hear only in lucknow as their own swagie

#1: Rangbaazi-You probably heard patangbaazi, now relate with rangbaazi and the significance is not under any condition same what you estimated. Rangbaazi implies state of mind, parade, flaunt.

“Ek ladki kya pata liye, jyada rangbaazi dikha rahe ho beee”


#2: Bhaukaal-Now bhaukaal is practically same as rangbaazi yet the main contrast is you accomplish bhaukaal and you indicate rangbaazi. Bhaukaal comes consequently when you have accomplished something high. We likewise utilize “Raula” as an equivalent word

“Bhai Taj mein party dega, Bhaukaal tight hai.”


#3: Ghanta-This is my undisputed nice choice. Ghanta essentially signifies ‘Unrealistic’. This is frequently used to end the discussion as a rule when you are losing a level headed discussion. This word went more popular when BB ki Vines began utilizing this.

“Ghanta tumse kuch ho payega beta”


#4: Bawaal or Matter- Well magnetism may have an appropriate definition for issue, But Lakhnawi has an aggregate diverse significance. Matter is generally utilized for any episode or squabble. Delhites utilized “Bhasad” for this.

“Bhai tu jaldi chowk pe aaja auto waale se bawaal ho gaya hai sale”


#5: Toota-General interpretation implies broken piece, however Lakhnawi utilized this for soliciting change (from cash). We don’t state khulle or transform, we say

“Bhaiyya 10 ka toota dedo.”


#6: Tafree-This is more similar to a word got from awadhi culture. Tafree essentially signifies ‘FUN’. When you go out with your companions, you do tafree.

“Chal ghumne chalte hai, tafree karenge”


So these were the absolute most basic creations from Lakhnawi dialect. You won’t get befuddled now on the off chance that you visit Lucknow


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