5 powerful inspirational and influential women in sports


Professional sports is an arena that is by and large dominated by men. That includes not only the athletes who take the field or the executives who sit in the front office, but even most of the viewership. In recognition of that, we bring to you this list of the 5 most influential women in sports.

5 influential women in sports

Serena Williams


Serena Williams is probably the most dominant athlete that women’s sport has ever seen. She has won just about everything you can win in tennis, and done it multiple times. Serena is the Tiger Woods of women’s tennis.


Katrina Adams

influential women in sports


The firsts keep stacking up for Adams, the first pro player, the first African American and the youngest person to serve as the top executive of the U.S. Tennis Association (Chairman, president, CEO, United States Tennis Association; chairman, U.S. Open). In January, she started a second two-year term, becoming the first person to do so in the organization’s history.


Danica Patrick


Stock car driver Danica Patrick is one of the biggest personalities in the sport of racing today. Not only does she look gorgeous, she definitely has a competitive drive to be the best. Although she has not done well enough in NASCAR to truly be a star outside of being female, she did get to NASCAR by dominating traditional open wheel racing and is definitely one of the most influential women in sports today.


Kim Ng


Throughout the history of sports, there has always been a lot of talk about whether a female athlete can play among the men, not only on the field, but even off of the field. There is no doubt it can be quite difficult for a woman to make her way up in a front office in the sport that’s typically dominated by men. Kim Ng has been trying to do that for years in Major League Baseball.


Stacey Allaster


Stacey Allaster is the leader and CEO of the Women’s Tennis Association, and is easily considered one of the most powerful women in the sports world. Tennis, after all, is the one sport where women are just as important as men when it comes to prize money and endorsements. She’s increased the profile and publicity of the women’s game, landed some big sponsorship deals in support of it.


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