3 Oceans That Have Been On TV

Its truly mesmerising to see the oceans that have been on TV as these shows has made possible for everyone to see them how beautiful and amazing these oceans look like.

3 Oceans That Have Been On TV

The Pacific Ocean

oceans that have been on TV


True..The Pacific Ocean has been on TV! A portion of the Pacific Ocean was shown on episode 32 of Gilligan’s Island, “Physical Fatness.” Not only this, but the first season was also originally shot in black and white and later colorized, and letting the viewers take a look at the Pacific ocean’s blue color. Its truly amazing.


The Indian Ocean


Yeah right, the Indian Ocean has been on TV too. Next time you’re watching MAS*H season nine and episode 10, “Operation Friendship,” keep your eyes widened for a view of this large body of water.


The Arctic Ocean


There was also a third one. The Arctic Ocean showed up during an episode of BBC Two’s documentary series Oceans in an episode titled “The Arctic Ocean.” photos of it, film footage of it, maps of it, even people saying “Arctic Ocean” out loud.

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