3 amazing and simple ways to maximise your health


Our world plagued with sickness, sadness and stress, it’s almost rebellious to take good care of our health. So when you think of being healthy, your personal well-being is much more than just the common description of ‘physical and mental health’, it’s a myriad of mirrors which reflect the wholeness of your being. Here know the basic ways to maximise your health and be healthy happy.

3 amazing and simple ways to maximise your health

ways to maximise your health


1) Love Your Body

Your physical body is a biological computer. It requires certain inputs to operate functionally. The first step is to be smart about what you put into it, especially the food which acts as a medicine you feed it.

Sugar, especially the processed varieties, should be minimized because they’re addictive and cause various diseases, including obesity and cancer;

For meat-eaters, a predominately plant-based diet with natural and ethically-produced meat is a must, especially because excessive meat consumption is linked to diseases such as cancer.

We don’t need to be perfectly fit, but engaging in some forms of exercise – such as walking, stretching, hiking etc – is necessary to stimulate your body as a whole, as well as your lungs, heart and other organs.

Getting out into the sun and into nature have wondrous physiological effects that contributes strongly to your overall health.

Ultimately, you need to respect your body and its needs. After all, it’s the only one you’ll ever have, at least in this lifetime. Move it, work it and fuel it properly.


2) Love Your Mind

If your body is the hardware then your mind is the software. Without both conscious and subconscious programs, the body won’t run and will therefore die.

Even when you identify various aspects to your psychological well being, it can be overwhelming to know where to begin and how to proceed.

Your psychological self is that which captures your thoughts, emotions, memories, desires and beliefs. Therefore, the way you organize your mind and respond to your experience can either be predominantly self-abusive or healthy.

No one ever get it perfect, of course, but it’s important to understand where you sit on this spectrum so you can do what’s necessary for more healthy and functional mind and heart states.

Another aspect to your mind are your philosophies which simply means ‘love of wisdom’. Practically, your philosophies are your beliefs and the paradigms they’re conceptualized within. Your philosophical positions are part of the category of mental health because the more healthy and empowered your beliefs, the more healthy and empowered your inner health.

Philosophy is rarely discussed in terms of health, probably because there are as many belief systems as there are people. But just because we all have the right to believe how and what we want, that doesn’t mean that those beliefs are actually healthy.

One approach for healthy mind is meditation, which can be a type of self-administered psychotherapy. This can be done by focusing your attention in a quiet, undisturbed environment.

By identifying the dis-ease that exists in the deeper layers of your consciousness – such as your traumas and fears – you can now get on with important layers of self-healing and self-development.


3) Love Your Connection to Reality

How aware are you of the holistic activity of your mind/body/spirit interaction? Next is the so-called outside world, which you are connected to on several key levels. Family and your ancestry is your genetic connection. The animal and plant kingdom is your ecological connection. The earth is your cosmological connection.

Once you develop your philosophy of interconnection, you realize that your interdependence is just as important as your individuality. Simply, they’re two sides of the one coin. So, how healthy are your relationships with your family and friends? How healthy are your community relationships? Are your actions healthy for yourself and those around you? What impacts do you have on your environment and natural systems?

Moreover, your connection to reality is not just physical and metaphysical, it’s also interactive. It’s the knowledge you’re sharing and absorbing. It’s the energy you’re emitting and attracting. It’s the love that you radiate and the love that you invite into your experience.


Final Thoughts

Whatever your current state of physical, mental, behavioral, social and spiritual health, it really is a challenge to undertake a holistic rebirth of the self, especially once we surpass the natural growth limits of the body-brain. We just hope these ways to maximise your health will help you live a healthy and happy life.

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