1,069 Robots Dance Their Way To A Guinness World Record


How would you feel if your city being taken over by an army of robots? This has just happened in China, but they were not here to take over but there was a robots dance party.

Engineers in Guangzhou gathered more than 1,000 droids on August 17 and programmed them to dance at the same time.

The adorable little robots, known as Dobi, shook their bodies, stretched their arms and tapped their feet simultaneously during the spectacular performance in front of the Guangzhou Baiyun International Convention Centre.

1,069 Robots Dance Their Way To A Guinness World Record


A total of 1,069 Dobi robots Measuring 47.3cm (18.6 inches) in height and 2.15kg (4.7 pounds) in weight, Dobi is extremely flexible took over the dance floor as they grooved in perfect synchronisation.

Their performance broke the Guinness World Records title for the Most robots dancing simultaneously.

The previous world record was created by 1,007 robots, also from China, which showcased their dance routine in unison in July, 2016, at the Qingdao Beer Festival.

Dobi is designed and manufactured by WL Intelligent Technology Co. Ltd, a toy company based in southern China’s Shantou city, together with experts from the Harbin Institute of Technology.

According to WL Intelligent Technology, the cute toy has 17 servo joints on its limbs, which can move with high precision. This means Dobi can perform ‘various’ and ‘highly complex’ dance routine. Apart from dancing, talented Dobi is also said to be able to sing, box and do kung fu moves. The robot, which has a built in microphone and stereo speakers, can be remotely controlled through an app.


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