10 top automation companies in the world


Computerization is the advanced verbal type of programmed control. They utilize different control frameworks so as to work any hardware or framework to finish a specific procedure. One of the vital advantages of computerization is the decreased utilization of work. It likewise helps in expanding the exactness, quality and precision of any framework. These days, computerization has spread into all businesses like mechanical, hydrodynamics, planes, PCs and numerous others. These frameworks help in facilitating the activity and can be utilized even in the most dire outcome imaginable where a human hand will have no impact. The frameworks like robots can work in the most perilous circumstances where a man can’t be. Along these lines the framework has involved a dominant part of businesses and is a vital angle to be contemplated. Get to know about the best 10 top automation companies in the world in this rundown beneath.

10 top automation companies in the world

1. Siemens

Siemens, top automation companies


Siemens is a German organization based from Berlin and Munich and is the biggest building organization in Europe. The principle exercises of the organization incorporates vitality, foundation, car and industry. The greater part of the organization’s benefit originates from the mechanization frameworks. The organization is additionally one of the most established and most trusted ones with more than 350,000 representatives. It had a worldwide income of $50 billion a year ago and is the best computerization organization as indicated by a report.

2. ABB



ABB is a main mechanical and computerization organization which empowers utility, infra and transport clients to enhance their execution with less natural effect. The organization is based from Zurich, Switzerland and is one of the top industrial automation companies in the world. The organization is acclaimed for mechanical technology. The organization spreads more than 100 nations with 135,000 workers offering profitable administrations to the computerization field.

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3. Emerson Process Management

Emerson Process Management


This is an American Multi-national organization which mostly concentrates on electrical gear. The organization additionally gives administrations to the field of mechanical, business and buyer markets. The organization has a rich history of around 120 years and is spread in 205 distinct areas on the planet. The organization has more than 111,000 workers with $22 billion worldwide income.

4. Rockwell



This is a US based modern mechanization and data items supplier. The organization has its central station in Milwaukee with workplaces in more than 80 nations around the world. The organization had an income of around $6 billion in a year ago. The organization predominantly focuses on engineering and programming sections. It has more than 22,000 representatives offering administrations in the computerization field and is one of the top automation companies of the world 2017.

5. Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric


This is a French-based MNC which works in vitality administration and robotization frameworks by giving both programming and in addition equipment. The organization has a past filled with 180 years and has been a provider of equipment from fastens to the perplexing robots the greater part of the spots. The organization has around 160,000 laborers working under computerization frameworks and had as of late acquired an income of $20 billion. Consequently it involves number 5 in the rundown.

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6. Honeywell process arrangements

Honeywell process arrangements


It is an American based organization which creates an assortment of business and buyer items and offers benefits in the field of advanced plane design. The customers are run from little private segment organizations to government organizations and it gives same quality support of all. It has a workforce of 125,000 everywhere throughout the world. The organization is known for the extensive variety of items it makes.

7. Mitsubishi electric

Mitsubishi electric


It is a Japanese electrical and gadgets gear fabricating multinational organization. The enterprise was set up in 1921 and is a standout amongst the most critical piece of Mitsubishi family. It is known for delivering the most elevated number of photovoltaic boards. The organization has been a provider to numerous other computerization organizations extending from TV’s to warrior planes.

8. Yokogawa electric

Yokogawa electric


This again is a Japanese electrical and programming construct organization with organizations in light of estimation, control frameworks and IT. The absolute most essential results of the organization are stream meters, oxygen analyzers, producing execution, programmed control frameworks and numerous others. The organization has a workforce of 20,000 and is a best level robotization organization. In this manner it involves number 8 in the rundown.

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9. Omron



This is a Japanese organization with central command at Kyoto. The organization has a past filled with 80 years and is one of the top automation companies on the planet. The essential business of the organization is the fabricate and offer of mechanized gear and frameworks. It was one of the primary producer of ATM. It had an income of $8 billion in a year ago and is set in ninth position of this rundown.

10. Danaher



This is an American MNC with Washington as its base camp. The organization produces plan for mechanical and buyer items and fabricates it. It offers benefits in the field of Life science, Industries, ecological, Testing and control and numerous others. It has a workforce of 63,000 which created an income of $20 billion a year ago and is put tenth in the rundown of the world’s top automation companies.


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