10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Sachin’s Bat


Everybody knows a great deal about Sachin however a not very many have a legitimate information of his significant other. No we are not discussing his significant other Anjali but rather his significant other on the field i.e. A cricket bat. Here are some of those intriguing realities that you likely didn’t know about Sachin’s bat and it’s history throughout the most recent 2 decades.

10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Sachin’s Bat


1) Prior Sachin’s Bat weighed around 3 pounds, one of the heaviest bats utilized by any cricketer. It was just as of late that Sachin began utilizing marginally lighter bats.

know about sachin's bat


2) There are bats accessible in Australia, known as the Sachin Tendulkar Master Blaster Elite and they retail around $650.

3) Sachin utilizes a bat with a lower sweet spot when the ball gets more established and ricochets less.

4) Sachin’s bat producer by and by used to choose a couple of willows out of the dispatch of 1000 from England and screen the molding of the willow as indicated by the determinations given by Sachin.

5) Shockingly Sachin didn’t have a bat contract until 1996 World Cup. However, after the competition MRF began to support his willow.

6) An English bowler Alan Mulally had griped that Sachin’s bat was excessively expansive than the typical willow since he was so psyched by his splendid batting.

know about sachin's bat


7) When Sachin’s bat was sold at Lord’s and it brought 3,400 pounds (approx 3 Lakh) which was given to make a stadium.

8) It additionally got a stunning cost of Rs.42 Lakh at a games sell off where individual things were given by the best 25 sportsmen from the nation and abroad.

9) Shahid Afridi scored the then speediest century in ODI by hitting 11 sixes and 6 limits in 37 balls by utilizing Sachin’s bat.

10) Numerous producers have additionally introduced Tendulkar a carefully assembled bat with the goal that they can gloat about making a bat for Sachin. Though Tendulkar gives away such bats to poor children.


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