10 things to know about India this Independence Day


India has a long history to tell about itself since autonomous till now. On the event of India’s 70th Independence Day, here are some intriguing and obscure certainties identified with India and autonomy.

Independence Day

10 things to know about India this Independence Day

  1. India got its name from the River Indus, the valleys around which were the home of the principal tenants of India. The Sanskrit name for India is Bharat Ganarajya. That is the motivation behind why it is likewise called Bharat. The name “India” originates from the Indus River, which is the place most punctual pioneers made their homes.
  2. National banner was raised first on August 7, 1906 at the Parsee Bagan Square in Calcutta. The banner was made out of flat portions of red, yellow and green. The red strip at the best had eight white lotuses emblazoned on it in succession. The green strip had a white sun on the left and a white bow and star on the privilege.
  3. India is the world’s biggest maker of tea, drain and mangoes and furthermore the second biggest maker of wheat and rice, the world’s real nourishment staples.
  4. India’s initially Prime Minister Jawaharlal Lal was included in Vogue magazine. His one of a kind dressing style, single-breasted coat, turned into a vital design incline in the West. Nehru coat was recorded on Time rundown of ‘worldwide design articulation.
  5. On August 15, 1947, when India turned out to be free from the remote administer, Mahatma Gandhi was in Calcutta. Gandhiji spent his day in supplications, fasting and turning dissenting the frenzy of common disdain.
  6. Hindi is not India’s national dialect the same number of think or trust; it’s the official dialect. Article 343 of the Constitution expresses that Hindi in Devnagari content is the official dialect of India. Be that as it may, Hindi is the primary authority dialect of India and Hindi was pronounced the Official Language of the Union on September 14, 1949.
  7. With around 155,618 post workplaces and more than 566,000 representatives, India has the biggest postal system on the planet.
  8. State Bank of India has the most extreme number of branches on the planet, with the number being more than 15,000 and tallying.
  9. The estimation of “pi” was first figured by the Indian Mathematician Budhayana, who likewise clarified the Pythagorean Theorem.
  10. India is one of just three nations that makes supercomputers (US and Japan are the other two).

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