10 most trolled celebrities in the world

Taylor Swift

Web trolling is tied in with inciting and blending up discussion by stalking the casualty’s online networking and leaving high stun esteem images and remarks. Trolls claim to draw in with web profiles along these lines for “lulz”. Trolling can extend from astute tricks, silly takedowns, to badgering to dangers of savagery. Here is the list of the most trolled celebrities in the world.

10 most trolled celebrities in the world

1. Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie, most trolled celebrities in the world


Angelina Jolie’s a most trolled celebrities in the world, story has dependably brought the Internet’s trolls, sexists and sexists slithering from their dull miserable little corners. When she gallantly experienced surgery to stay away from bosom tumor online networking lit up with sexists regretting the loss of her bosoms and condemning her for the move. The Angelina Jolie counterfeit demise scam gossip was made by the web trolls who began to spread reports guaranteed that her passing was activated by her separation from spouse Brad Pitt. A trick site began this absolutely counterfeit news story claiming that she posted a goodbye video before conferring suicide.

2. Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston


Jennifer Aniston is in actuality the second most trolled celebrities in the world. The web is fixated on whether the performing artist is having a child yet Aniston says she’s not and penned a moving letter requesting that individuals back off and regard her security. The trolls unremitting assaults on the on-screen character who is worth $150 million have savaged her for her weight, her connections and her absence of youngsters.

3. Emma Watson

Emma Watson


The perfect Harry Potter star is an outstanding subject of web trolling. Web trolls undermining to release private exposed photographs of Watson, in light of stirring discourse she conveyed in the UN home office on sexual orientation fairness. She is a celebrated protest for the trolls and simple focus for prostitute disgracing as a result of her gutsy administration on rights for ladies and young ladies. The web badgering she gets is persevering with an end goal to thump her down a peg yet the performer gets the last chuckle as she has an announced abundance of $60 million.

4. Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence


Who knows what goes ahead in the psyches of trolls who invest their energy mounting on the web strikes against famous people? Jennifer Lawrence who has a total assets of $75 million was subjected to a deluge of online mishandle when she had the nerve to go to bat for herself after her private photographs were stolen and posted on the web. Provocative trolls figured out how to post the photos on her Wikipedia page. Lawrence who said she didn’t have anything to be embarrassed about and gotten out the savagery of her harassers battles back by disregarding the trolls and isn’t on twitter and keeps away from online networking. She is among the most trolled celebrities in the world.

5. Leslie Jones

Leslie Jones


Leslie Jones is a lady, and a glad African-American. As a phenomenal humorist she is no more interesting to chitchat and couldn’t be blamed for having a thin skin. The infamous troll Milo Yiannopoulos was as of late prohibited from Twitter for offending Jones with bigot, sexists and other disgusting slurs. While he and his band of faltering supporters proclaimed themselves saints for nothing discourse they had recently substantiated themselves as authoritatively the most exceedingly bad individuals on the base portion of the web.

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6. Adele



At the point when vocalist Adele had infant kid she never expected the torrential slide of web trolling which took after included passing dangers and affront. Being one of the most trolled celebrities in the world, twitter trolls made jokes about her greatness, chuckled about her “unavoidable” postnatal anxiety and even made genuine passing dangers against her infant. One horrible troll hypothesized whether the infant was conceived debilitated and fat. Adele’s fans remained by her and guarded her through this terrible scene and in the long run the frightful troll accounts were erased.

7. Ellen Page

Ellen Page


At number 7, Ellen Page is the by all account not the only big name to be the objective of Twitter trolls and dangers. The Oscar-assigned on-screen character who is justified regardless of a cool $14 million is accounted for to have gotten passing dangers on Twitter. The threatening messages started a police examination. The performing artist who turned out as gay in 2014 was dealt with to merciless and homophobic web incitement yet stayed cool and gathered all through.

8. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift


Taylor Swift is no more odd to the universe of web trolling as she is one of the most trolled celebrities in the world. Since she developed as a high schooler she has been subjected to unending trolling and provocation. With an expected worth of $250 million she is viewed as a simple focus for internet trolling and provocation from different big names who touch off the start and are joined by the army of miserable trolls who live in storm cellars. Quick isn’t one to bring it resting and is exceptionally out-talked about digital tormenting and has sent messages of help to fans that have been the objective of trolling.

9. Chris Brown

Chris Brown


Chris Brown who has a total assets of $90 million is known for his terrible treatment of ladies. He absolutely is no honorable man and he has committed numerous errors in his vocation. Web trolls assume that influences him to reasonable diversion and he is subjected to consistent flood of offending twitter and online networking insults by Rihanna’s fans and devotees who are unwilling to permit him ever overlook his all around distributed attack on the vocalist. Dark colored tends to give comparable to he gets has occupied with disdainful tirades and customary twitter quarrels. The ridiculous composed troll assaults are reached out to his hit or miss sweetheart.

10. 50 Cent

50 Cent


50 Cent may not appear like an imaginable possibility to be trolled or tormented disconnected or on-line. Conceived on the sixth July 1975, the infamous rapper has had a mind boggling ascend to notoriety. He is at present worth $15M and is a notable web troll himself having focused on Melania Trump among others. In any case, he has likewise confessed to being a casualty of trolling himself as a prominent open figure he says that he’s viewed as open property and individuals have made low remarks to him.

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