10 most beautiful and hottest female Wrestlers


Individuals say that magnificence lies in the hands of the viewer. There are women on the planet who have conflicted with these expression. To all men these women are absolutely delightful and that is the reason they are positioned as the most hottest female Wrestlers in the field they are in and some on the planet. Next to their magnificence lies extreme ladies whom you will find in the TV as wrestlers.

10 most beautiful and hottest female Wrestlers

Here the most beautiful and hottest female Wrestlers:

10. Kaitlyn

Caitlin, hottest female Wrestlers


Her genuine name is Beryl Bonin. Her muscles will reveal to you that she is a jock. She cleared out a check in WWE and that is the reason she is an unsurpassed star. In 2013 she won a title for divas. She was the principal diva to win the Reality Meets Wresting Drama Show. The show was comprised of a portion of the divas that am will discuss however she is the person who developed successful. She is an extremely delightful yet intense wrestler that is significant.

9. Eve Torres

 Eve Torres


These women are not just talented in the field of wrestling. They are likewise gifted in different fields. Eve, isn’t a special case to this. She is an American model and artist other than being an expert model. In everything that she does, you won’t help yet see that cheek is extremely hot and provocative. On the off chance that you need to converse with someone, at that point look no further. She is somebody worth conversing with. Back in school she dated the popular Reggie Bush and for her moving profession, she was an artist for the L.A Clippers. She has won the WWE title for the divas in 2007 and from that point forward she got her notoriety.

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8. Velvet Sky

Velvet Sky


In the event that you are a man and you can’t observe this woman then you have an issue. She has all it takes to influence a man to go insane. She is honored with an extremely pleasant body and face. That is the reason she is among the most hottest female Wrestlers in the world. Her genuine name is Jaimie Lynn. She has won a significant number of titles in her profession. She was at one time a two time TNA ladies’ thump out champion and label group champion.

7. Sarah Backman

Sarah Backman


This a wrestler conceived in Sweden. She has conflicted with all chances and has unquestionably contended energetically to achieve the point that she is presently. Through that diligent work, her excellence was noted and that is the manner by which she ended up noticeably well known. She is presently among the most hottest female Wrestlers. She started wrestling at 14 years she began it as arm wrestling. She joined the WWE in 2013 and from that point forward she has ended up being an exceptionally solid wrestler.

6. Thea Trinidad

Thea Trinidad


In the event that you don’t have any acquaintance with her as Thea Trinidad, at that point you should know her as Rosita. TNA is the one that is known to have the most hottest female Wrestlers. Rosita likewise has a place with TNA. She has not been a wrestler for long but rather is battling her way up the steps.

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5. Brooke Adams

Brooke Adams


Brooke is another magnificence in the WWE and TNA who past sensible uncertainty s only perfect in what she does. This is seen when she won the title of being the label group champion with her accomplice Tara and ladies’ thump out champion. This demonstrates the woman is exceptionally talented in what she does. That is the thing that made her extremely celebrated and therefore her magnificence was important. She has showed up with Kelly and Lyla in WWE in a move assemble called Extreme uncover.

4. Madison Rayne

Madison Rayne


This is an identity who has based her underlying foundations in TNA. Her genuine name is Ashley Nicole Cabot. She is a wrestler who is known for thumping out her adversaries and recently she is the champion in thump outs. She is likewise a Tag group champion in TNA thump outs. Other than having all these title these young lady has every one of the highlights of an excellent young lady and that is the reason she is positioned as a standout amongst the most hottest female Wrestlers.

3. Paige



This is excellence that many individuals know her ring name, Paige. On the off chance that you don’t have any acquaintance with her as Paige then you more likely than not referred to her as Britani Knight which was her past name. Her original name is Saraya-Jade Bevis. She is from a family which was incredibly engaged with wrestling. That is the thing that enlivened her to be a wrestler. Her dad, Ricky Knight and mother Sweet Saraya were proficient wrestlers. Zak and Roy who are her more seasoned siblings are likewise wrestlers.

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2. Maria Kanellis

Maria Kanellis


Another lovely lady that will simply blow your mind just by investigating her. This is woman that is known to have everything with regards to magnificence: the looks, shape and the charming face. She is likewise extremely hot. She knows the proper thing to wear with regards to winning the consideration of her male fans. All the above are a portion of the reasons make her best the rundown. She is a model, lyricist and an artist beside being an expert wrestler. This is woman who is likewise known to have extraordinary ability separated from being a wrestler.

1. Kelly



Her fans know her by her ring name which is Kelly. Her genuine name is Babra Jean or Barbie. She is an expert model in America, a wrestling valet and a wrestler. The thing that she is generally known for is her incredible endowment of wrestling. With regards to every one of the perspectives that a woman needs so as to be called excellent, at that point this woman has everything it all. That is the motivation behind why this woman beat the rundown of being the most hottest female Wrestlers.


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