10 Interesting Facts About RAW – India’s Intelligence Agency (Research and Analysis Wing)


RAW, its introduction to the world and some extremely fruitful operation by Research and Analysis Wing of India. Crude is India’s mystery benefit which looks External issues. How much do know about these facts about RAW.

10 Interesting Facts About RAW


Facts About RAW


1.Raw’s motto is ‘धर्मो रक्षति रक्षित:’. It implies The individual who will ensure dharma will be secured dependably.

  1. Raw appeared after Sino-Indian war 1962 and India-Pakistan war in 1965. Indira Gandhi Government felt the need of a mystery benefit concentrated on Foreign development.

  2. RAW isn’t an Agency yet a Wing, that is the reason it isn’t responsible to Parliament.

  3. RAW has been framed with any semblance of CIA. It has been prepared in US, UK and Israel.

  4. One of the greatest achievement of RAW came when In 1984, RAW educated that Pakistan’s operation Ababeel is intending to catch Saltoro edge in Siachen. Indian armed force propelled operation Meghdoot and Pakistan armed force was tossed out even before they could enter the region!

  5. RAW used to employ individuals from IB, Indian police administrations, military or income office. Later they began selecting crisp alumni from school and furthermore hopefuls from Civil Services.


  1. RAW was capable to keep Operation grinning Buddha a mystery which was the name given to hold India’s atomic program under tight wraps.

  2. In Amalgamation of Sikkim in 1975, RAW assumed a significant part. Till then Sikkim was autonomous state.

  3. The greater part of the RAW boss have been specialists on Pakistan or China. However, Ashok Chaturvedi is a specialist on Nepal.

  4. RAW was fruitful in catching a telephonic discussion between Pervez Musharraf, the then Pakistan Army Chief who was in Beijing and his head of staff Lt. Gen. Mohammed Aziz in Islamabad. This tape was later distributed by India to demonstrate Pakistani association in the Kargil attack.


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